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In Dravograd, the first outpatient clinic for the undefined in Carinthia started working



In the area of ​​ZD Dravograd, there are unofficially around 620 people without a selected doctor

In the Dravograd Health Center, an outpatient clinic for the undiagnosed has started working, and two doctors are currently involved in its operation. In Dravograd, a concession call for a family doctor is also being announced, but the health center project is on hold.

Ministry for zdravje approved the opening of an outpatient clinic at the Dravograd Health Center (ZD) on April 1 of this year for undefined in to the extent of 0.5 of the teamand the clinic started working in Monday, explained the director of ZD Marijana Cigala.

“In April, the doctors employed by us decided to start working after the holidays, that is in September, namely in temporary range 0.25 of the team, that is 12 hours a week. To the infirmary for the unspecified currently include two doctors who work with us, later they will be joined by a specialist, once she has obtained permission from the Medical Association of Slovenia,” Cigala explained in writing.

According to unofficial data, there are approximately 620 people in the area covered by ZD Dravograd who do not have a personal physician of their choice. Currently in ZD regularly works five doctors and three more under contract for smaller scale. “We would need two more doctors. The situation fluctuates, once it looks better, but it gets worse again. Times are not ‘rosy’ in healthcare, which is very sad and worrying,” Cigala added.

There are no doctors left with scholarships from the municipality in Dravograd

Mayor of Dravograd Municipality Anton Preksavec announced the departure of one of the doctors from ZD Dravograd to the citizens last week and explained that even as mayor he has been trying for a long time to convince him otherwise. Regardless of the doctor’s final decision, the municipality decided to initiate proceedings for concession tender for family doctor.

As the mayor explained, they will ask the ministry to grant them an additional 1.5 programs. “I want to solve the matter permanently. From experience, I see that a permanent solution, unfortunately or not, is a solution with a concession,” said the mayor. Among other things, he reminded that it is a municipality in over the past years, it has given scholarships to at least three doctors, but none of them have stayed in ZD Dravograd, the reasons are said to be of a personal nature.

He emphasized that the municipality has no influence on the HR policy, the salary system, or the lack of doctors and other medical personnel. Regarding the concession, he hopes that the municipality will be able to put it out to tender in beginning of next year. Green light for this must also be provided by the municipal council.

Regarding the now long-term plans for construction of a new health facility center in Dravograd, for which the state was ready to contribute funds to, but the mayor said that the project is currently at a standstill. “The priorities are also changing due to the consequences of the floods. Currently, the priority is the flood protection project of the Drava, Meže and Mislinje,” explained the mayor. For this project in building permits are expected shortly.

Source: Rtvslo

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