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Solving the mystery of eating after meals: Why is drinking tea or coffee after meals harmful?



The custom of sharing at the table after lunch has been around for many years. Even before, it was considered an after-banquet gathering.

Eating after dinner is a very typical custom in Chilean households, especially on important days when food takes center stage, such as September 18th. but, Experts say drinking tea or coffee right after a meal can be harmful.

This age-old custom can last from 30 minutes to an hour, sometimes longer, and is a moment of socializing between diners who remain seated at the table. Depending on the geographic region, tea, coffee, or drinks are usually served after dinner.

This time frame is The digestive process begins before lunch.Moments when physical effort should be avoided And it’s a place where people leverage conversation and sharing.

Solving the mystery of eating after meals: Why is drinking tea or coffee after meals harmful?

Gabriela Saez Escobar, an expert in oncology and sports nutrition, explains that such widespread practices should be avoided in our country (and the world). It negatively affects the absorption of important nutrients such as iron and iron. ; It is an element found in very high amounts in red meat, which is commonly consumed during this season.

How do tea and coffee change the digestive process?

Nutritionists explain that tea and coffee have the following benefits: tannin ; a specific organic substance that can also be defined as Polyphenol (Chemical substances with high antioxidant power contained in plants)

To explain nutritional phenomena, experts also use the term bioavailability. This is the degree and speed with which a substance accesses the circulation and subsequently reaches its place of action and influence.

“Tannins. Polyphenols contained in coffee and tea are bioavailability of iron by the formation of Insoluble complex that is not absorbed . Iron is found in meat, seafood, poultry, some legumes, and characteristic foods in meals and lunches,” explains the graduate.

Solving the mystery of eating after meals: Why is drinking tea or coffee after meals harmful?

Therefore, perhaps this postprandial habit may be considered to only (or more broadly) affect people who are prone to iron deficiency, such as those with anemia. The reduction of elements in the body is emphasized, which aggravates the disease. Gabriela refutes this idea.

“[This habit]affects everyone who engages in the dynamic act of drinking tea or coffee after lunch or a meal,” he comments. Medical treatment is necessary in certain cases of people suffering from iron deficiency anemia, he continues. “To improve the symptoms, you should follow the respective supplements and avoid this behavior. ” he added.

Do you cancel the after-dinner meal or choose another infusion?

This scientific explanation of why drinking tea or coffee after meals is negative does not mean at all that you should exclude eating after meals. Rather than that, A series of alternatives can be considered to continue this age-old traditional practice. Sitting in the dining room after lunch.

You have several options. Some people only drink tea or coffee after meals, but experts recommend replacing these hot drinks with tea or coffee. Other infusions to aid the digestive process.

“You can have a simple hot infusion-type drink with lemon slices, fennel, ginger, anise, chamomile, mint, pennyroyal, boldo and other natural botanicals,” suggests Gabriela Saez. .

Solving the mystery of eating after meals: Why is drinking tea or coffee after meals harmful?

Here’s another option, in the words of experts: Wait at least 2 hours after eating before drinking tea or coffee so as not to interfere with the correct absorption of micronutrients.

The need for a balanced diet

In certain cases of people who already have underlying digestive disorders (nutrient malabsorption, iron deficiency, malnutrition, etc.), the following is recommended: Combine the iron-rich foods mentioned above with foods high in vitamin C. : Citrus fruits, green peppers, tomatoes, strawberries, vegetables such as broccoli, potatoes, etc.

If the above is done, drinking tea or coffee after meals should even more be avoided. Efforts to supplement vitamin C to iron-rich dishes will be wasted.

Solving the mystery of eating after meals: Why drinking tea or coffee after meals is harmful

Should I wait 2 hours or pour mint water? Gabriela points out that eating after dinner is perfectly compatible with care habits such as eating a healthy, complete meal. It is only necessary to take the necessary precautions. Wait for the digestion process to complete before drinking tea or coffee (unless you want to replace it). Gastrointestinal injection As mentioned above.

Eating after dinner is a rich and very common cultural custom in our country. While you wait two hours after eating, you can also resort to another common lunch habit. nap (Especially on this holiday, the cooking becomes quite heavy).

In this way, when you leave Morpheus’ arms, it will be the ideal moment to share a cup of tea and a cookie, or at this point a deliciously sweet number 18, with friends and family.Therefore, you can enjoy the second food No problems with nutrient absorption.

Solving the mystery of eating after meals: Why is drinking tea or coffee after meals harmful?

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