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Be careful with your bra: the consequences of not washing it directly affect you



Have you ever wondered how you should wash your bra, how often you should wash it, and what happens if you don’t wash it correctly?

Bras are essential clothing for women’s daily lives, but they are not always treated with love when it comes to hygiene.

They are often left on chairs, tossed in the back of the bedroom, fall under the bed when you take them off early in the morning, or fall into your dirty clothes waiting to be washed.

Its importance to women is mainly due to its function of supporting and styling the female figure, but also of preventing lower back pain, caring for the skin, and providing softness to sensitive areas. Home is shocking in the fact that it is not always important. What to wash first.

This is because the treatment given to a bra is never the same as the treatment given to panties, so daily replacement is essential, as is frequent washing.

However, the results can cost much more than the detergent and water used for cleaning, so it is essential that they are hygienic.

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Consequences of not washing your bra

Have you ever calculated how often you should wash your bra? To do this, it’s important to first consider how many times you’ve worn the bra before washing it, but it’s easy to explain.

If you’ve worn your bra for more than a week and put it in the washing machine, that’s okay.

Laura Burke, intimate wear stylist The certified bra fitting experts at Fit by Burke in New York summed it up in a nutshell. HuffPost.

“The bra is Can be used 3-4 times before washing…but it depends on the type of bra . “For example, sports bras can be washed after each use.”

This is mainly demonstrated by the effect that long-term use of fabrics has on the skin.

You may also get a fungal infection, such as the well-known candida, a yeast that likes to grow in dark, damp areas.

The space under the breasts, where it rubs directly against the bra, receives the weight of the breasts and even sweat, is the perfect space for these fungi to grow.

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Pay attention to the shape of your bra

For example, when you wash your bra, dead skin During use, it accumulates in the area along with sweat, dirt, and everything else. It may cause allergies or hives.

Also, the smell and dirt caused by sweat will remain forever if you don’t wash it.

However, another important point in deciding how often to wash your bra is to maintain its shape.

The first recommendation is to wash by hand with a high-quality soap or detergent and warm water, massaging the areas that come in most contact with the skin. infobae.

This will prevent your bra from losing its shape during washing. This is a common occurrence when a bra is thrown into the washing machine without proper protection.

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Even if you are a busy woman and tossing it in the washing machine is an option, always try to throw it in the washing machine. Comes with a separate protective bag always avoid tumble dry on delicate cycle.

Believe it or not, this is extremely important for reasons you can’t imagine.

The metal used in bras can deform during washing. This often causes breakage, sometimes at 10am, leaving the material in contact with your skin all day long.

This can cause damage such as irritant or allergic contact dermatitis, and even the tip can rub against the skin, causing sores.

How to know if you should stop wearing bras

If you’ve ever wondered why there are more than three clasps when closing a bra, you’ll be interested in the answer.

Ideally, you should use the first clasp when you start wearing it because it allows the bra to fit snugly to your body.

However, over time the fabric loosens and no longer provides the same support, so there are two other clasps that can be tightened as it ages.

The perfect moment to switch bras is when the underwire reaches its limit and can no longer provide support or comfort.

Laura Burke explains: “Most of the support in a bra comes from the band. “So when that part of the underwear starts to ride up and the front of the bra is no longer flat, it reduces its function.”

In addition to the service life of your bra, we recommend taking care of your skin and body by following these tips: That way, the time when you have to say goodbye will come at the right time, rather than years later.

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