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Suggestion: the results of the treatment should be known to everyone, so that the patient knows what institution he is entering



The Medical Chamber supports the establishment of the agency

The Association of Patient Organizations of Slovenia calls for the establishment of a national agency on quality and safety in healthcare, which would collect data on patient experiences and treatment outcomes, and publish the data publicly.

The Ministry of Health is preparing a draft law on quality and safety in healthcare, which should be published by October 15.

A single online portal for quality and safety

Association of Patient Organizations of Slovenia expressed her opinion and expectations at the press conference. Vice President of the Federation Franci Gerbec said that comments and suggestions on the 2016 draft law, which will form the basis of the new draft, have been submitted to the ministry. “I think that the prime minister, as the current minister, is familiar with the work and that the government and the ministry are determined to prepare the matter,” he said.

Gerbec suggested that quality and safety should be given an organized form with a new national agency for quality and safety. The agency should collect data on patients’ experiences in medical treatments and treatment outcomes through questionnaires Prem and the Proms, which should be open and accessible to all. “These two pieces of information are crucial for the patient to know what institution he is going to,” he explained.

The association also called on the ministry to establish a single online quality and safety portal. After the adoption of the law, they hope that the education of health workers in the field of quality and safety will begin immediately and that this will become part of the curriculum of all medical schools.

The Medical Chamber supports the establishment of the agency

Miran Rems with Medical Chambers of Slovenia he added that they also want the establishment of an agency at the chamber. It must be independent, as this is the only way to ensure its solidity and efficiency, and quality in healthcare will be treated in its entirety. Currently, no one in Slovenia takes care of the preparation of reports with data on the success of treatment, so Rems expects that an agency will be in charge of this.

General Secretary of the Federation Gregor Cuzak however, he said that they want the agency to be a body with adequate powers and with enough power and authority to sanction unacceptable behavior.

World Patient Day

The organization of World Patient Safety Day, which took place on Sunday, was also touched upon at the press conference, and before that the association organized many events. Gerbec estimated that with them they opened a broader discussion about patient safety and enabled a dialogue between patients and medical institutions.

During the day, they found that they are at the beginning of the process in the field of patient safety in Slovenia, and that many medical institutions do not have patient councils. “This is one of the important possibilities for patients to have an organized influence on improving quality and safety,” he also said.

The Association of General Hospitals and Medical Centers also encourages the establishment of a user council. It is a non-binding, advisory body that brings together patients, disabled people and pensioners. “Some nursing homes and general hospitals already have it, and it turns out that the council greatly increases the credibility and relevance of providing care in a given setting.” Cuzak estimated.

Source: Rtvslo

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