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Marjan Mačkošek takes over the leadership of the board of the UKC Maribor institution



Changes of institute councils due to legislative changes

The new council of the Maribor University Clinical Center met. The representative of the founder, Marjan Mačkošk, was elected president of the new seven-member body.

They are the representatives of the government in the new world Klemen Pleško, Marjan Mackošek and Mojca Gornjakwho have been performing this function for the past year, and a newcomer to the council of UKC Maribor Franc Hočevar. The representative of the insured remains Borut Bogatajshe was appointed as the user representative Maja Damevska. He was re-elected as a representative of the workers of the UKC Maribor Luka Kolaričwho also holds the position of vice president of the board of the institute.

This time the meeting was called by Hočevar as the oldest among the members, and then Mackošek took over the leadership, who won the majority in the vote for the new president of the board of the institute.

Before that, the council of UKC Maribor was headed by the then director of the Office for Control, Quality and Investments in Healthcare Aleš Šabeder, which the government dismissed in July this year. Under his leadership, the institution’s council initiated the process of dismissing the director of the Maribor University of Applied Sciences Anton Crnjacwith which they concluded an agreement in June on the termination of the position on September 30 and appointed the former director, now city councilor Gibanj Svoboda, as acting general director for half a year Vojka Flis.

Black man: We floated out of the red numbers

Crnjac addressed the board of the institution for the last time. In the presentation of the operation of UKC Maribor during the two years of his leadership, he emphasized that the clinical center was out of the red during this time. The assessment of the institution’s operations in the first seven months of this year shows an excess of revenues over expenses in the amount of a good two million euros, which, according to him, is the best business result of this institution in the last 15 years. “I’m leaving the hospital in great shape,” he said, expressing hope that this trend will continue under the new leadership.

He also presented investments in the infrastructure of UKC Maribor to the members of the institution’s council. He explained that, among other things, they started upgrading the oncology department, moved the lung department from Pohorje to the parent institution, and built fire elevators in the surgical tower.

A new infectious disease clinic

The next major project is the construction of a new infectious disease clinic, where, according to Crnjac, the department will soon be moved to a temporary location and demolition of the old building will begin. He emphasized that the clinical center prepared all the necessary documentation for this project on time. “The accusations that UKC Maribor was late with some projects are absolutely not true,” he repeated.

He explained that they had received a confirmation from the state level that the project would continue despite the change, according to which the ministry would have given state funds for this purpose instead of European funds. At a recent correspondence meeting, the board of the institution also gave its consent to the demolition of the old building and instructed the administration to speed up activities on this project.

The public procurement process is underway for the nursing hospital, which will be arranged in the former building of the lung department. Two bids were received for the tender, but now the review process is underway and the UKC is waiting for its outcome.

The plan for setting up a container hospital with up to 50 beds, which would be used during epidemics or for the needs of individual departments during new construction, is also still current. Crnjac said that in this case too, two offers have arrived and they are waiting for a decision on the choice.

Source: Rtvslo

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