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In addition to the coalition, NSi also announced its support for the amendment to the Mental Health Act



SDS opposes the law

The MPs discussed the proposed amendment to the Act on Mental Health, with which the government aims, among other things, to eliminate unconstitutionality, ensure the protection of human rights, improve access to services and shorten the wait for placement in secure wards.

Support for the amendment was announced in the coalition and NSi, while SDS opposes it.

With the proposed amendment, the government wants to eliminate the unconstitutionality and ensure the protection of human rights in the area of ​​personal freedom, protection of human personality, dignity and freedom of movement. They want to improve access to services and prevent longer waiting times for accommodation in secure wards.

The main goal of the amendment to the law is the implementation of the decisions of the Constitutional Court from 2015 and 2019. Namely, the existing law is unconstitutional in the part that regulates the procedure for admitting a person who has been deprived of legal capacity to the protected department of the social welfare institution.

Support for the amendment to the law, which will be voted on by the DZ on Wednesday, was announced by the coalition parliamentary groups Svoboda, SD and Left, representatives of the national communities and also in NSi. As the supporters of the amendment said in their opinions, it is necessary, among other things destigmatization of mental disorders and comprehensive revision of the Act on Mental Health. Member of Parliament of the Left Miha Kordiš however, he emphasized the great social insecurity, which is fueled by housing issues, insecure jobs, and access to health. As a result, hardships arise, so mental health will have to be addressed from several aspects, he said.

SDS: Profession was not taken into account

SDS opposes the amendment, because according to them, the ministry and the coalition did not take into account the comments of the profession, which believes that the law impermissibly interferes with the constitutionally protected rights of persons with intellectual disabilities. “It is not enough that rights are only formally recognized, but people must also be given the opportunity to exercise them in practice execute and enjoy,” the SDS MP emphasized in her position Carmen Furman.

The amendments submitted to the parliamentary procedure by the coalition and approved by the government were not discussed in the DZ today, as none of the MPs signed up for the discussion. Otherwise, with the additions, among other things, the network of providers that provide services and programs for mental health is more clearly defined. At the same time, the proposal for amendments harmonizes the draft law with the provisions of the Family Code.

The DZ will vote on amendments to the proposed amendment to the law on Wednesday.

Source: Rtvslo

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