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“There is a vile race of tenacious men of their own who have made everything from hair to feet, from teeth and nails, inflated everything…” , immediately crossed my mind, that the great Pavlito transcended. Yes, with the music and voice of this Cuban giant. It is the beginning of the poem of his great compatriot Martí. The song I made was on the first cassette I bought when I started my 8 years, 2 months and 5 days “solo trip”. Then another November began for him. That’s his 1983. And not even knowing what to do, I wandered the alleys and streets of legendary Copilco, south of the beautiful Mexican Federal District. After a while I settled in the “Chilango” area and happily worked there until January 1992 when I returned to my hometown. Previously, I was sheltered in Coapa, very close to the Azteca Stadium, by a very kind and supportive compatriot. him and his family;

Actually, there were two cassettes that I bought at the legendary bookstore “Salvador Allende”. In addition to the previous one, I gave myself another ‘luxury’ in the instability I found myself in, ‘Fabricando la Luz’ by Gabino Palomares . That’s what caught my attention when I read the title of his ‘Laura’: ‘El Salvador, we carry on’. , an obvious attack of the ferocious “farabunda” longing that I had.

Upon my return, I left the country without imagining that I would have to occupy the chair I had left empty, in the direction of the Institute for Human Rights, José Simeon Cañas Central American University (IDHUCA). . Another Bloody November: Second Montes founded this organization in August 1985, just as he is the Jesuit founder ten years ago when he founded Christian Legal Aid. His 16th last Wednesday marked his 33rd anniversary since such atrocities were committed and continued impunity for it.

I had to contend with the latter from the time I took office in January 1992 until I resigned in January 2014. From that trench, along with mainly the Jesuits José María Tojeira and Rodolfo Cardenal, they fought every possibility within the Salvadoran system for “justice”. Until publication, outside the country’s territories, it did so within the framework of the region, and the state held accountable for these horrific events and for the lack of proper investigation, necessary persecution and prosecution of those responsible. suffered.

With attorney Almudena Bernabéu and her colleague Manuel Ole as plaintiffs, the Spanish National Court won a firm conviction of Colonel Innocente Orlando Montano on February 3 last year. This ruling also reached the military officers who had been protected here for a very long time. But politically, morally and historically they were guilty of the genocide there even if they weren’t present during the process. But that does not mean that things have fundamentally changed in this country. will be used.

The evidence for the latter is clear. Thus, the ex-president and his family are saved bit by bit, and some are accused and tried to sink. In the places and positions I have held since my return, I have condemned and condemned both of them, one publicly, the other publicly, and even judicially.
Therefore, in our land, the tyrant’s feast continues, in which they sit, sinking “their bloody hands in the delicacy of the dead martyrs.” To face them, to defeat them, to bury them, the light that terrorizes them suddenly, irrevocably and definitively arises and arises. It made them flee, “red-muzzled and frightened.”

One of the glare that cowards, i.e., “minors” and “seconds of life”, who “do not wear a healthy breast adorned with human decorum” are so afraid of, is Pablito’s Just disappeared into this world in no sad November. To begin to shine brighter in the universe of truth and justice. She, Hebe de Bonafini, the heroic and inspiring founder of Mother of May Square. Huge and eternal glory, a star already in the firmament of human dignity!

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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