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Oscar Yanez was a Venezuelan journalist who achieved great popularity. He started out as a reporter, overseeing newspapers and television programs, being a member of parliament and usually writing books on the traditional and historical themes of our nationality. He passed away at the age of 86.

A few months ago, he was curious and colloquial when asked in a television interview about the arbitrariness and open corruption of so-called 21st-century socialism (the tyranny of Chavez Madurista, who is already 23). I made a sensible interpretation. And the actions of the opposition forces in the face of the drug tyranny that oppresses and dismantles the country.

Divide communicators by comparing wildebeest and Spanish bullfighting. The wildebeest, whose scientific name is “connochaetes taurinus”, is a species of mammal of the bovid family that inhabits the central and southern parts of the African continent. He blows his horn, and at that moment, he attacks with no escape.

Bullfighters know this and never try to fight a wildebeest or touch its horns. So the bull approaches the “mataor” one way and the wildebeest another. Because if you approach it like a bull, you’ll end up in the infirmary.

In a colloquial way, the journalist wanted to highlight the irreparable mistakes made by the opposition in the face of tyranny.

A regime like Venezuela cannot be defeated as if we were facing a government that follows the rules of democracy. In harmony with the enemies he faces, it will have to be done at all costs.

The editor-in-chief of this newspaper found it interesting from his experience and past experiences, and when I sent him a video of the interview, he replied, “I will never understand how it happened.”

The truth is, our America’s strongest democracy has strengthened the fabric of the nation for 40 consecutive years, implemented President Kennedy-sponsored agricultural reforms, implemented import substitution, and promoted Latin American integration. It’s that few people understand how. The Andean Accords (ALALC) defeated the Castro-Communist guerrillas, implemented a peace policy, created the Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho Scholarship Program, flooded the country with schools, high schools and colleges, and established OPEC. , nationalized the oil industry without expropriation. Fearing violence and arrogance, he worked with Mexico to draft the San Jose Accords, promote the Betancourt doctrine, cut ties with the de facto government, achieve Cuba’s expulsion from the OAS, and fight dictatorships on the continent. helped to fight the Marxist guerrillas. Repression, Transnational Organized Crime and Corruption once in de facto power.

Carlos Andrés Pérez (1989-1993) was inaugurated for a second term as president with a large external public debt, but his decision to establish a truly market economy and the privatization of numerous public enterprises , bonds were paid. And this is the answer to “How could Venezuela end up like that?”

CAP organized a technical rather than political cabinet, and his own Democratic Action Party would not allow this. With this he sought to modernize the economic structure and open up free competition without government protection. The reaction of traditional economic groups was so strong that their sheltered capitalism collapsed and they had to go to the uncertain competition of the laws of supply and demand. Bankers, investors, the media, and businessmen have resorted to the actions of ancient and traditional politicians and so-called “public figures” to create an environment of uncertainty and social unrest that culminated in embezzlement trials. Joined. A political, not legal, judgment that had already been handed down by the irresponsible, complicit and criminal Supreme Court.

“Embezzlement” was the movement of funds from one budget item to another without congressional approval. Those were $4.5 million destined to guarantee Mrs. Violetta Barrios de Chamorro her protection after her appointment as president.

That trial, the ruling class’ frivolous and unconscious political denunciation of society, endorsed the rebellion of an ignorant and perverse military man who did not understand or accept the changing times.”

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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