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The French novelist Victor Hugo (1802-1885) said already in his time that “suffering is honorable, submission is despicable”. They are a form of enslaving us, but as a result of deep-seated discrimination, they are present in almost every country in the world, and they are also becoming more globalized, exposing human traffickers and unfair market makers. you can’t. Without a doubt, our priority is the rehabilitation of prisoners of war. As soon as we delve into the reality of the experience, there are some truly amazing submissions hiding as we clarify familiar situations. This is often due to cowardice and inhumanity that hinder joint efforts. To raise the banner of human values. Unfortunately, slavery and exploitation continue in all regions, resorting to coercion and intimidation of all kinds. This should strengthen the means of warfare by promoting the necessary legal protections, the extension of social protections, and a different, more ethical ethos for all. Vulnerable. Many people can’t even free themselves and want to get out of this unjust system, but they just hit the cross and no one will free them. Indifference is most obvious.

On the one hand, there is such a cruel submission that contradicts our commitment to social justice and sustainable community development, and the need to mobilize us against this kind of ordeal, in which many suffer life imprisonment. there is. Many married couples are forced to live without their consent, to do certain jobs that prevent them from being themselves, and in some cases to do so against their will. In any case, nothing justifies this unworthy atmosphere beyond power, where the first victim is the most fragile. You may need to find other avenues. These are seen colonizing powers that enslave and corrupt. It is therefore important to resist the imperialism of submission with the necessary shame and mutual cooperation. All this is energized by the leaven of equality, fairness and harmony. Therefore, it is imperative to study the viral causes of this disease that has polluted the world and left it ruthless. The most devastating vassals are prisoners of our misery, knowing that nothing will ever change. First, because life emanates from the soul. Secondly, because what has essence is what we find ourselves in, feel and mature into.

Being responsible and submissive is fine, but you also need to feel free to fly in the flow. The chain of slavery has left us without a clear vision, trapped in a myriad of absurd situations, and continues to cause much human suffering. It’s about modeling other existential systems that prioritize things. Recognizing the need to support victims of these abuses is also problematic, permanently accompanying them in their restoration of dignity through full social and human integration. The problem is not giving up on protecting helpless and innocent people. The meritorious legal work of international organizations has awakened us all from sectoral interests and ideologies to embrace a different world whose inhabitants know how to promote a culture of respect and care for all identities. I know, so it makes no difference. We have dethroned both immorality and vice, so that we have a place between those in power and those who are servants. Even our own thoughts become clear in the middle of the night.

It is really these stupid captivity that makes it impossible for us to react in time, so we must move. , makes possible the abolition of all forms of slavery. Now we have established our teachings, we have created another, more human spirit, and we have regained wings of freedom for the millions who are still trapped in a multitude of unjust submissions, and there are no abandoned routes. Other snowy channels have an opportunity to restore. Under the tree of existence, a living project must be carried out, but never submitted. As a result, it is easy to see that the various crises we are experiencing in all corners of the globe are exacerbating horrific conditions and practices, such as surrender by debt, surrender to forced labour, and vassal states of sexual exploitation. understand. Protect yourself from this kind of dressage. Our own gaze is the first to thank us, a big smile between moving tears.

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