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Peace Accords and Veterans



This January 16th marks one year since the signing of the peace accords in 1992 at Chapultepec Castle in Mexico City. On August 28, 1981, he turned to a series of conflict-generated situations that stemmed from the Franco-Mexico Declaration, which recognized the militancy and rights (and obligations) of the FMLN/FDR to irregular groups.

These agreements evoke passion and are positive for some and negative for others. What is certain is that the armed conflict that dates back to 1980 has stopped. Negotiators of the government of El Salvador and Farabundo, the commander of his Marti National Liberation Front, were able to agree on a document in favor of ending the armed conflict and resuming life. Institutional and democratic.

The peace agreement signed in Chapultepec included aspects of the armed forces, the National Civil Police, the judiciary system, the electoral system, economic and social issues, political participation of the FMLN and, as a highlight, the cessation of armed conflict. rice field. .

Appropriately, in United Nations publications on the El Salvador Agreements, these agreements are called: You can’t just magically sign a document right away and everything will change overnight. That is why the name Road to Peace is apt.

The Armed Forces reported 11,549 dead in fighting between 14 January 1980 and 15 January 1992. There was also another sizeable element that often suffered injuries that reduced its ability and capabilities. Therefore, it is worth remembering the famous words of General Douglas MacArthur.

An average of 20% of the military has fallen during armed conflict and the rest have become veterans of the conflict. Well, this can only be obtained by recognizing the achievement of the goals set as a team, suffering the loss of men and drivers, and living and sharing the vicissitudes of the battle. And not a day’s walk on the battlefield.

Therefore, by Decree No. 203 of 28 November 2012, the Legislative Assembly has been made up of men of honor and courage who have served the State with patriotism, sacrifice and loyalty in national defense since the creation of the Armed Forces. recognized. of the high interests of the Republic; consider themselves veterans, discharged from the armed forces by general order, retired from any service, or ceased to render active service to the armed forces. declares January 31st of each year as NATIONAL ARMED FORCES VETERANS DAY.

Although there are veterans who can still tell us about the military actions of the Self-Defense War of 1969, and legionnaires who participated in the reconstruction of Iraq. and many others who are on UN missions as members of the Peace Mission. We do not underestimate those who have performed voluntary military service and who remain within facilities even if they have not experienced combat training.

On this January 16th, close to National Day of Veterans Affairs, I remember when the fighting in the Civil War ended. And it began a winding road to peace that is still heading in that direction.
Respect and admiration to the brave soldiers, medics and administrators who took part in the military operations of 1980-1992 and fought at the cost of their lives to protect the country, the constitution and its people. represents

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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