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Belén Montez in “The Black Mantle”



If Mrs. Ana Belén Montez had been arrested in Cuba for spying for the United States, as had so many Cubans who fought for freedom and democracy for their country. , there is no doubt that she had been executed by firing squad. Had she miraculously saved her life, they would have been as terrifying as so many political prisoners of the regime in Manto Negro prison.

Montes’ crimes were numerous, apart from endorsing the bloodiest dictatorship the continent has suffered.

For 17 years he contributed to totalitarianism on the island by sending information to Havana and influencing the management of hundreds of US agents. Four young civilians who were involved in the downing of the plane and who were doing humanitarian work died as a result.

US military counterintelligence expert Chris Simmons told Radio Marti colleague Ricardo Quintana that the spy should have been sentenced to life in prison. institution.

Simmons asserts that he knew that Montez had informed the Cubans about exactly when the garrison would be nearly defenseless, stating: Yes, we know that the information reached at least Russia and China, and of course various guerrilla groups. “

A released prisoner admitted he was spying for Fidel Castro and said he was an unrelated person with a private life after arriving in Puerto Rico and being released. On the one hand, she denounced the U.S. embargo on Cuba, the reason her beliefs would have been condemned at least once, instead of being liberated, on the island of her dreams.

Had Montez been imprisoned by the espionage regime, I am sure she would have had other particularly painful experiences, aside from remaining in prison after serving her sentence. His imprisonment would have passed under a cloak of oblivion, like Kelly Roque and Ana Lazara Rodriguez and many other women no one spoke or heard of during their years of imprisonment.

The prison of Ana Belén Montes in Cuba would have been characterized by starvation, overcrowding and lack of medical care. What would happen to him if he testified in a Cuban prison a year after his sentencing and had followed his conscience that U.S. policy toward Cuba was cruel and unfair, adding to the espionage conviction? It’s better not to imagine. “From our efforts to impose our values ​​and political system on the island, we felt obligated to help the island defend itself.”

There is no doubt that she is a woman of strong convictions, as Senator Marcos Rubio and Chris Simmons affirm. Network Cuba’s spy agency remains active, with up to 300 agents operating in the United States, and estimates that two-thirds of her number are operating in the Miami area.

Some doubt it, but being stupid is very lenient. The Castro totalitarian system has two regular practices inherent in its scorpion nature: to suppress the population as much as possible. and to destroy the United States.

I am convinced that this conflict will only end when one of the parties disappears. For my part, I will work for the end of Castroism.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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