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About 100,000 Salvadorans living abroad



Established legal period expires in less than two weeks, allowing thousands of Salvadorans living abroad to change their residency addresses so they can vote in the next presidential election in 2024 There are caveats and concerns. , the National Register of Natural Persons (RNPN) reports that nearly 100,000 compatriots have changed their addresses to a foreign country since the electoral rolls for the 2021 municipal and parliamentary elections were closed.

However, a recent legislative decree agreed that the Salvadoran diaspora will have a new term for registering this change of address and will therefore vote in next year’s elections. Although the deadline has expired, about 100,000 Salvadorans still cannot vote in 2024 because they have not taken the necessary steps to update their electoral rolls. .

The reasonable amount of time to carry out this settlement change is currently so short that, at first glance, it seems almost impossible to carry out. Accelerating marches in the case of our immigration to the United States (where the greatest numbers were found) and arbitrarily postponing our compatriots living in different countries of the world for other elections. But even if we mention the northern country, we must take very seriously that Salvadorans are scattered across several states in the Commonwealth, and in many different cities and counties. . Consular offices have even less time for overseas brothers to change addresses.

Recent statistics show that about 86,000 Salvadoran immigrants were detained last year (2022), and that current conditions may be another factor, adding to this that thousands of It adds that vast numbers of our compatriots are either detained or deprived of their liberty. Their participation in the election next year and if this factor turns out to be true, nearly 200,000 Salvadorans may not vote, changing the view of the party they are competing against and undermining the democratic factor. There is a nature. An important aspect that is promoted from different sectors of public opinion and can even provoke much speculation of varying tone and content by citizens and, of course, by opposition parties.

So far I can’t find a reasonable explanation for this inflated delay you mention in those lines. This is really worrisome to start with the importance of the election we pointed out. In any democracy in the world, presidential elections are of special relevance and interest because they determine which of the participating candidates is deserving of directing the nation’s destiny within a prescribed period of time according to the constitution and special laws.

In our very particular case, Article 168 of the current Magna Carta states the powers and duties of the President of the Republic, all of which are of great importance to the country, and we have read the first three sections. You can check it just by understanding it. , as an example, copied below: 1st.) Comply with and enforce the constitution, treaties, laws, and other legal provisions. 2nd.) to maintain intact the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic; 3rd.) Seek social harmony and protect inner peace and tranquility, as well as the security of human beings as members of society.

Time is running out. I refer the concerns of the political institutions, the Supreme Electoral Court, and Mr. Bukele’s own government on this very important issue of electoral registration for thousands of candidate voters. We trust fast, legal and sound solutions.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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