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First Fruit Festival in Takuba



Man always gives thanks to God for health, work, and especially sacred food. Therefore, in the city of Tacuba, Ahuachapán, the Fiesta de las Primicias is celebrated on his 27th, 28th and 29th January.

The Good News magazine (May 1, 2013) explains how the biblical Feast of Firstfruits was celebrated. The first fruits of wheat harvested in the Holy Land at the end of spring (Numbers 28:26; Exodus 34:22).

This day marks the inauguration of the Fiesta de las Primicias, a tradition dating back to 1988 that aims to celebrate the new harvest. The Parish of Santa Maria Magdalena is adorned with fruits and vegetables such as mangoes, coconuts, sugar cane, pumpkins, bunches of bananas, tangerines and ears of corn. In addition, parishioners donate basic grains to churches, animals, and all with the mission that there will be blessings and abundance in the next harvest.I think this tradition is unique in El Salvador. It can be seen as an act of tourism and faith of the Takbens people. It is beautiful to observe how the residents of this population’s 14 states and settlements are dedicated to celebrating these festivities with religious songs and, of course, tickets with donations.

Other activities are added to the party: masses, mass marriages, participation in Christian courses, confirmations, admissions from different sectors, entering the town singing with many harvested products on your shoulders, going to church. offered as an offering to Various mysteries play a leading role, making the festival even more exciting. The last day on which the coronation of the Queen of the First Fruit is celebrated. Priests invited from other municipalities also come.

Tourists from different parts of the country and abroad enjoy the tickets, floats and gastronomy of Takuba. Priest Milton Silva recommended the purpose of celebrating this party: We know that he has been with us diligently over the past year. So it’s up to us to know how to be grateful. With the support of the diocesan community, we know that we carry out our diocesan work both in pastoral matters and in the material matters that the Church has to do. to move forward. So, as I said, both the brethren here in the Takuba community and the brethren who receive this message, invite them to fully participate in these festivities…at the local level. , it is one of the most important. With the proceeds of these festivals, in the previous year they built the “Juan Pablo II” Catholic School Center. Also, the mayor, his Lic. Luis Carlos Milla, invites you to enjoy these festivals. Bazaars, gastronomic festivals, mechanical wheels and circuses are held on this occasion.

In the book Takuba, a Magical Place, “The potential queen of the Fiesta de las Primicias wears a very colorful and typical costume made of seeds and leaves. It is a special one that takes place in municipalities: the Ministry of Praise participates in floats that accompany candidates with religious songs.

During these three days, the city was bustling with large numbers of domestic and foreign tourists, evening gatherings were held, the Ministry of Music was in attendance, and typical food and drinks, Indian chicken soup, shuko atl, chilates and soft drinks were served. Provided. , pupusas, plantains, enchiladas, bread fillings, and everything you could ever want here can be found at the Fiestas de Las Primicias.

All kinds of traditions and customs must be observed. Takuba is one of El Salvador’s natives and he continues to have a reverence for the land. That’s why the Fiesta de las Primicias gets more and more support every year. All that is collected is sold and used by the parish in its business. It was the priest Ángel Esteban Calderón who initiated this celebration. “Honor the Lord with your riches and the firstfruits of your harvest.” Proverbs 3:9.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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