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Violence in football in El Salvador



After a long hiatus for the 2022 Qatar World Cup and year-end festivities, El Salvador’s professional football, including Divisions 1, 2 and 3, returned last weekend, but sadly it got off to a bad start. was one of Six people were exiled in this century, his 12+ disciplinary actions were officially taken in the week, and national television unfortunately saw a fight between his two players with overseas experience. . Other players have consented to such acts of violence.

There is already enough violence in El Salvadoran society that the state of emergency and the arrest of gang members and collaborators of all criminal groups will not stop the killings in El Salvadorian society. In his first 29 days in January 2023, he averaged 0.3 homicides per day. This has nothing to do with gangs, but with societal violence, intolerance, and domestic violence, so fans looking for a healthy distraction can watch this kind of show. A place where professional football is practiced on the stage.

Register your favorite team, your foreigners, promises, great references, new signatures to see 6 players sent off for bullying, plus double the amount of red cards with yellow cards Can you imagine what to expect? And make that goal yellow in six starting games.

But these situations are nothing new. We are aiming for a different football, showing whether players, coaches, clerks and referees themselves are part of a violent society and privileged to respond with violence as a first response. And what to say about the group of fans enjoying this kind of show and many of them continuing it in the stands and outside stadiums.

This disappointing start to the 2023 Closing Ceremony Tournament must address the structural causes of violence both inside and outside sporting venues. We have been proposing and proposing event safety laws.. What is expected of the Republic (FGR) and the National Civil Police (PNC)? Deaths, injuries, mass misfortunes, serious injuries?

It is desirable that a regulatory framework be implemented against this type of activity where people posing as fans on the stands commit petty crimes and crimes. And leagues should work with their affiliates to establish prevention and mental health programs with their players, and take exemplary sanctions for protagonists who are unable to deal with emotions and stress.

The Salvadoran Football Federation (FESFUT) has re-appointed a member of the Security Ignorance Board of Directors as Chairman of the FESFUT Security Committee, an eight-member committee of Security Ignorance. contribution.

Violence in El Salvadoran society must be eradicated. We need a culture of peace and healthy coexistence. There is no place in El Salvador for mass macho acts like in and around stadiums.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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