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New Ambassador Duncan talks about strengthening ties with the country



New U.S. Ambassador William Duncan’s initial statements in the background stem from certain official actions promoted and endorsed by the current government led by Mr. Duncan, even though they were pronounced in a diplomatic tone. It makes clear that the country is facing a difficult situation. Naive Bukele.

First of all, Ambassador Duncan initially declared very clearly with a relevant and very interesting phrase when he publicly stated that he would “do everything possible to strengthen relations with El Salvador”. bottom. Speculate or simply think that the current relationship with the United States is not harmonious enough, or not very good, or at least not harmonious enough between the first world nation and the government of El Salvador. This assumption, left by the ambassador himself, is the result of the “strengthening of relations with the government of El Salvador).

No one does everything they can to strengthen a task or a particular activity unless it undermines it. Conversely, if the relationship is strong or in optimal harmony, you don’t need to put in as much effort as possible. For this reason, when we heard diplomat Duncan say in perfect Spanish, “He will do everything possible to strengthen relations with El Salvador,” we used The phrase is far more important, and the phrase is acquired.In addition, his secondary purpose in arriving in this country is to “work on an agenda that shares our values,” and has long been associated with Americans. For those of us who have worked together, we know: The country has fully established values ​​such as, for example, the defense and effectiveness of democracy, whose legal basis is its constitution and legal system, free entrepreneurial initiative, respect for public opinion, and free exercise. is advocating. Political activity used to be embedded in secondary legislation, but in our case it is electoral law. And he signed when he said that the Salvadoran should know that he has his “total commitment” to carry out what we transcribed in the previous line.

Duncan also aims to “work very closely and respectfully with the government and people of El Salvador to broaden its agenda to promote not only prosperity and security, but the values ​​that our two countries share.” said.
These terms are very important. First, this research to strengthen ties involves expanding the values ​​we have already pointed out, and in addition to the above, this will lead to greater prosperity and security, “our country will become stronger.” It means to seek a ‘tangible foundation for’. , when we work together with mutual respect and a focus on shared democratic principles. “These words of the respected new Ambassador Duncan come to us both opportunistically and encouragingly at a time when Mr. Bukele’s re-election is clearly and emphatically unconstitutional and undemocratic in advance. . It is based on an analysis of concepts that have been artificially culled from the constitutional context. , in turn, by the lawyers of the official political parties and, to top it off, by the Constitutional Court, made up of colleagues never before recognized as constitutional scholars.

In fact, the current Constitution states in Article 88: Violations of this norm will inevitably lead to riots,” said another article, stating that the constitution states the period for the commencement and termination of the exercise of the presidency, and that the person who has exercised it cannot continue as president for “another day.” Two democratic principles that we recognize today are under threat, and it is with the kindness of Ambassador Duncan that we cordially welcome these principles before our Government and our people, and that his efforts I wish you success. And, of course, a brotherly greeting to the current administration, which is friendly to President Joe Biden.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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