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If I am a teetotal, I never have to worry about them raising the price of alcoholic beverages. If I were a respectful driver, I would have little or no interest in increasing fines for traffic violations. Those of us who drive defensively and try to respect the road rules must remain calm, but those who drive irresponsibly must soak their whiskers and learn to respect them.

Last week, at the executive branch’s suggestion, the Legislative Assembly amended the Land Transport, Traffic and Road Safety Act, which is considering increasing road fines. Photofine system was also approved. The light fine is no longer $11.43 but $50. Serious goes from $34.29 to $100 and very serious goes from $57-14 to $150.

Driving is a privilege. Even more so if you’re driving your own car. Cars make our lives a little easier. In terms of saving time and gaining comfort when traveling. Of course, that means an obligation to spend on fuel and maintenance. Drivers must have sufficient expertise and, in particular, be tolerant and respectful of others. A poorly driven vehicle can become a deadly weapon for the driver, his companions, other drivers and pedestrians.

The best way to drive, even if you have a lot of experience, is to concentrate. Respect traffic rules. Drive defensively. And do them responsibly. Everyone wants to leave the house as calmly as possible, but suddenly a series of unexpected events and the usual routine (traffic jams, accidents, bad road conditions, road construction, abandoned vehicles, etc.) encounter. It takes a great deal of patience and wisdom to avoid violating road laws. Otherwise fines await.

The reform raises 200 offenses for creditors of individual, collective and freight fines. The reform also provides a discount of up to 50% if the offender pays the fine after it has been imposed or within five days of its notification. There is also a point system, and if you accumulate a certain number of points, you may lose your license. With this reform, his 37 violations committed by owners of public passenger transport will be considered serious and more recognition will be achieved among both bus and minibus owners and drivers. It is assumed.
According to me, the reform is very good, but there are gaps.There are also some minor or major violations that deserve to be considered very serious. For example, parking in roundabouts and tight spaces can cause serious congestion and endanger others. The law should absolutely prohibit three people from riding a five-seater or six-seater motorbike or a passenger car. The reforms already approved must be rigorously applied, but above all good judgment is required.

A person who zigzags around a crater or runs a red light at 2 a.m. when there are no cars or pedestrians anywhere will not be punished for a serious crime, so sane judgment is important. Also, those who are compelled by circumstances to perform prohibited but controlled operations will not be fined. Also for those who leave their car parked on a low traffic street or boulevard in front of the house as there is no garage. A photo fine understands that the photo itself is inalienable proof of the violation.

In short, like many drivers and pedestrians, I agree with higher fines for violations, but the state also ensures good roads throughout its territory and provides cover that anti-social forces typically steal. I believe that I have an obligation to set it up immediately and leave immediately Go to the place where the unforeseen event (accident) occurred, regulate traffic jams, educate those responsible for imposing fines to exercise correct and appropriate judgment, The construction of roads must be completed quickly and completely, the country’s major arteries with accurate signage and lighting must be properly painted, the burial mounds and other speed obstacles must be properly painted, and parades and other activities must be carried out. It regulates the use of expressways in the sense of regulation and promotes driver education.

Along with the reform, there will also be demands for driving schools. Some are fraudulent, some are relatively good, and some do their job very efficiently. Driving schools that force students to drive one block in a straight line and give approval. There are schools that even do. The requirements for this type of school must be strengthened. With the reforms coming into force, all of us with the privilege of driving should drive more consciously to avoid incurring fines that still seem very low.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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