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Mental health and reduced productivity



With the return of public school students to face-to-face classes, there is a possibility that there will be less car traffic, as private schools, universities, and some companies have started semi-face-to-face classes. This year 2023 will be the main problem. This traffic impacts public passenger transport, private transport with all forms of payment, and people using private vehicles. His second month of the year ends with this issue. This isn’t new, but it hasn’t impacted current rates.

Last week, I did an exercise in consulting and monitoring some communication media, especially radio and social networks, and it definitely takes precedence over the cost issues of some foods, such as eggs. As ironic as it may seem, many households are shopping less and are eliminating certain foods to meet their fixed monthly budget.

The main problems are related to family mental health, physical and mental fatigue of parents, sons and daughters. People who commute by car fall asleep in the car and pass by without noticing it. On the other hand, dads, moms, or both start to get stressed because they can’t arrive at 7am, the most common time to enter school. Waiting for those who shut doors and gates at the right time and without understanding. Some education centers allow tardiness, but on average she records three tardy student suspensions. Can you imagine a parent unable to arrive on time and staying with their son or daughter outside the education center?

But in the same way you need to reach the work center because you risk losing 1 day and 7 days. Vehicles that heat up in traffic due to rising fuel costs and damaged radiators. For a lot of goodwill and attitudes, there is no shortage of traffic managers who show a lack of judgment in their jobs, and people who start arguing with drivers. His hourly transportation costs in the San Salvador metropolitan area can be established and approximated, but the mental health costs and implications are not.

For the above reasons, we recommend that business people and state agencies implement telework laws, establish service roles, and set schedules that allow them to work from home for a day or two. But unfortunately, some organizations have a leadership style that thinks collaborators don’t work, and we’re already under confinement and working from home, and there’s already evidence of that. Likewise, more than ever before, we have to take into account a staggering amount of time in the public and private sectors. I think that it is a university that can be continued in a semi-face-to-face manner.

Similarly, bike lane projects didn’t work and weren’t accepted by people for a variety of reasons, but it’s important to recognize and enable them for people’s mental health and avoid increasing health and economic expenditures. Better. It shows that a system that keeps making circles is no longer the solution. Traffic is now all day, even weekends. Possible solutions are the responsibility of the authorities, but we all need to work together to respond.

Be polite by respecting general traffic rules and giving way. It can lead to better mental health, avoidance of work-related injuries, and increased productivity.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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