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The Reality Behind Marrero



Gang members are not born, they are made, so the roots of his actions are right there in all the factors that “made” him a cruel and ruthless gang member, just like the worst of beasts. There should be.

The conclusions of so many scientific studies on this point are so complex that it is only natural that simple people should reject them. It is easier (not unfounded) to condemn the suffering of each than to unravel each one of the causes that led them to that life.

Science speaks very clearly: they are mothers’ children
Single, vice, no job. children of alcoholic or drug addicted parents; abusers or absentees. They live in very poor housing conditions, marginalized, without basic services. There is no learning potential and no access to structures for childhood and adolescent development. There is no opportunity in any way. Violence, abandonment, and finally, gangs that welcome them, protect them, make them their own, give them a sense of belonging, and give them goals for the first time in their lives. There is also

And, of course, we cannot hide the fact that some young people are drawn to a life of crime by admiration, the invitation of relatives and friends, or the lure of what they see on television. movies, cell phones. Putting all this on the desk of a multi-disciplinary group allows us to understand exactly the phenomenon of gangs and their strategies for combating all the factors that “make” gang members. However, this effort to understand and understand is very difficult for the majority, which is why they support the stick strategy.

At this point, I must confess that I am one of them. I love what President Naive Bukele has done. There has been so much evil and gang member bestiality against innocent people that I take it for granted that for no reason (pure emotion) the system of terror the regime has implemented against them. I feel Despite all the pain, anxiety and anguish they have caused so many people, very little is happening to them.

None of the foregoing takes away from the fact that we all must understand this social situation that inevitably involves us. We voted for incompetent politicians who have gone so far as to negotiate with gangsters. We did not bid on any organization to prevent this phenomenon from occurring, nor did we donate five to institutions that rehabilitate these sociopaths. We’ve seen how it expands, but we didn’t do anything. After that, we only remained on the sidelines to see how Apopa, Soyapango, Ilopango, San Miguel, Sonsonate, Lourdes, Quezartepeque and others collapsed.

Because this week I finished reading “Diamonds in the Mud” by Mario Fumero, an evangelical pastor from Spain who lives in Tegucigalpa. member.

The title refers to the fact that all these boys, the majority of whom are men, are diamonds that have fallen into the mud, and that once society organizes itself, they will get out of the mud and all the beauty It concludes that it can bring back the radiance.

This book is as chilling as any book dealing with crime in our country. Because we witness a terrifying reality that we so often overlook.

It’s heartbreaking to read on every page the efforts the “winning project” has made to rehabilitate these little creatures. Many of them fail to resocialize.

He tells the stories of gang members and how in each case the ruthless criminal gradually grows up.

Space is short, but here are my conclusions: If each of these factors that “make” Marrero are not fixed, the current fight against the gang will be useless. Persecution and terror continue forever in El Salvador.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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