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power is not made of one piece



There are things in politics that are inexplicable, and no matter how hard we look for reasons for political decisions, we cannot find them. It is better to look at the nature of politicians through their actions rather than seeking explanations in words. Everyone talks about political power, even newcomers and empiricists. They are stupid and out of context, and instead of contributing to putting the right mindset into the actions of the state, they contribute to influencing the situation. It is used as a strategy for dividing society.

Political criteria are the basis for the exercise of power and management of the State through the establishment of public policy to comply with the State’s objectives, Articles 1 and 2 Cn. Politics is no longer an idea or a social project, but measured by hourly results, the period of elections. Because the rules of power are defined and it doesn’t matter if the affairs of the state are like currency. In the air, wait for it to land head or tail.

How to explain the reality we perceive of power: it is through the creation of political thought, power is its own cause, so political power is everything, politics is Non-existent. Neither category is at odds with each other, but they explain the reality of things through political thought, along with various flats containing the same purposes and limits of power. Forces involve a multitude of tactics as a means of complex games, as forces must be maintained in near-perfect harmony so that they can effectively attack their opponents while simultaneously defending them.

The key to power is protecting the political actors playing this power game. For otherwise, political weaknesses will be exposed and the cohesion of power, a reality in itself, will collapse. The state is the part that links various political strategies and the exercise of power in the political and non-political spheres, that is, the use of government as a directing of the actions and attitudes of citizens in the private sphere: 1. Who governs? 2. Government itself and how it is understood. 3. What or who is governed, this is all about governability, the art of governing. This implies a different way of thinking about the exercise of power. and changing methods. All governments in the administration of the state express the potential to influence their citizens, the potential to produce real effects. This refers to practical exercises, the material of how codified and expressed power affects society.

Each situation that arises for government to resolve, the link between different interests, including different modalities, combined and more or less structured forms, in the management of the state, it is a concrete historical function and a special At a given time, democracy advances among multiple, delicate networks that seek to make sense of a nation’s political leadership, related to the combination of variables in a given context. In this way, the broadest public policy, concerned with the general interest of the nation, is based on a network of concrete methods of practice. government authority. The key to power is justifying the exercise of power.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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