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Are tourists in El Salvador at risk?



Located in Central America, El Salvador had the lowest levels of key criminological indicators at the end of the previous week, allowing us to establish a well-founded opinion to establish an answer to the question. Let’s check some data.

– Homicide Violence, as of March 10, 2023, the three-month average for homicides is 0.4 per day, and this year’s annual average for homicides is 0.4 per day. Monthly averages are in line with yearly averages. Comparing this to the 2022 aging index, the decline in intentional homicides is -24, with a percentage of -90%.

– High-impact crimes affecting life and property in El Salvadoran society show a clear downward trend this year, let alone 2018, compared to 2022, 2021, 2020 and 2019. It’s not just a reduction in homicides.

–People with daily reports of missing persons are no longer published on social networks and other media because the main parties involved are members of criminal gangs in prison. have found ways to put pressure on the media on social networks so they can’t hide it. The work becomes more obvious… The National Civil Police (PNC) and the Attorney General’s Office (FGR). There is no doubt that not only this criminal phenomenon but also a social phenomenon is declining, with voluntary absenteeism being the main indicator in the current case.

– Tourist Visits, 2022, with a full eight months of exceptions already in place, marks a recovery in visitor arrivals to our country, achieving pre-covid-19 pandemic levels. In this case, compare the income to 2019. This 2023 for him will no doubt be a new record for tourists that could exceed 3 million.

– Sporting events, this year 2023, our country will host at least four elite surfing tournaments, with the best teams in the world participating in teams, some with family and friends. Rather than just spending time on or near the beach, in his moments of rest he travels around the country to do some sightseeing. In addition, many of them train in our country and prepare for tournaments in other countries. These high level athletes make a living from prizes and sponsorships. And what can we say about the 2023 Central American and Caribbean Sports Games based in our country.

– Concerts by international artists. During 2022, all records and arrival records for top artists to El Salvador have been broken. They mostly performed at the Cuscatlan stadium complex with an impressive crowd. Tourists also participated for various reasons. Traveling to El Salvador was more convenient and favorable. The artist is here to play on the best stages in the world, with confirmed arrivals and currently his 2023 tickets are sold out.

– Preventive patrols of the authorities, PNC and the Salvadoran Armed Forces (FA) are maintained throughout the country’s territory. This is the best preventive and deterrent effect, plus the professional and professional services of PNC Politur in tourism sites and areas of interest.

From the few indicators I have given you, we can conclude that the only people in the emergency regime should fear are members of criminal gangs and their collaborators. A member of an organized gang that attempts to rob, steal, or destroy. Foreigners attempting to traffic and sell narcotics or narcotics in El Salvador and maritime territories where the FA’s Tridente Naval Task Force and PNC STORM defend the sovereignty and integrity of the territories. 2023 will be a great year for tourism. Welcome to El Salvador.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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