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ignorance of the law



People don’t really care about laws. He doesn’t know it, he just shouts it as a cliche at demonstrations and on the network, but he doesn’t understand what the law is much more than the text printed in code in the Official Gazette.

Each branch of forensic science (at least the broadest) thus integrated is a combination of centuries of analysis of reality and the need to live with tolerance, peace and tranquility in the midst of an ever-turbulent sea. supported by exploration. For different interests and aspirations.

It is so serious, so deep, so broad, and so much more than anything to do with the law, I assure you people are absolutely invalid. I am not saying this out of vanity or arrogance as a lawyer, but because of the consequences in the political arena that everyone is responsible for.

I fear what the people who stand for their leaders, left or right, will look like when they do what they think is right. They look like hordes of zombies with no soul, no will, no gray matter.

Other manifestations of that dreadful ignorance, they demand justice and the corrupt go to jail, but not when the corrupt are from their party. And the public of the network says the same thing: “They said nothing when their opponents ruled.”

They take to the streets to demand democracy and ensure that the will of the people is respected, but when demagogues, authoritarians and dictators come from their party, all are flaky honey.

In Honduras, where I live for 15 years, they spit out the title of “drug dictatorship” with fire and blood and still sing it, but the former president, José Manuel Zelaya Rosales, traveled to Venezuela and Nicolas・I hugged Maduro. The country is a real, real drug state with all the characters. And people support and admire him.

Independent journalist Ronnie Martinez had a bleeding throat against the re-election of Juan Orlando Hernández Alvarado (JOH) and just days ago congratulated Xi Jinping on his re-election in China. What legal ignorance! Not a Chinese one, but a universal one whose absolute power is stupid and only brings disaster. And people applaud him.

The legal ignorance of the public is worrisome. People do not understand the damage done to the country by upholding this double standard because politicians ignore the basics of the law. Before my eyes, they are as twisted as the politicians they support.

For 12 years, members of the LIBRE party have traveled the world urging governments to ignore JOH’s presidency as a blatant agitation to interfere in people’s decisions in polls. Please: When the US Embassy issued a statement, or an unfortunate decision by the Castro Sarmiento government, its prime minister, Eduardo Enrique Reyna, put a dagger in his mouth and accused her of interfering. Contradictory.

And I’ll give you another example. After an Argentine judge convicted the ‘American thief’ after a criminal proceeding in which all guarantees were honored, Mrs. Xiomara accused the Argentine judge of being a puppet of the right and accused Christina I feel sorry for Fernandez for such injustice. What is further interference?

returned to our country. People are ignorant that President Naive Bukele is ignoring the law and using the authoritarianism he vaunts to support the re-election he has already said he wants. It’s just another sign that you don’t understand prohibited by the constitution? Not knowing history, he forgets the military regime, all the blood and pain. oppression and persecution. These obscure practices have spawned legal provisions that prohibit anyone from running for re-election at short notice.

The ignorance of the people is of great help to the rulers and can only harm the people themselves. So politicians don’t educate people, and people ask little to get out of the dark, deep pits of their ignorance.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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