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Unfortunately, Cuban political exiles were unable to achieve their greatest aspirations of destroying the totalitarian regime rife on the island, but writer José Antonio Albertini said at a conference on exiles As such, Cuban exiles and their legacies are benchmarks of progress and creativity to be considered in tomorrow’s Cuba. It is virtually impossible to name occupations, trades and business developments in which Cubans have not participated, Furthermore, when an individual who has suffered horrific misery on an island arrives in this or another country where freedom consents, Castroism will be the future of the future. It shows that you are forced to live a miserable life because of impossibility.

I fervently admire what the Cubans have done outside the island. While it is true that there is no shortage of black sheep as they continue to fight the regime that led Cubans into exile, the Cuban presence from 1959 to the present ignores the contributions of refugees from other countries. has made a serious contribution to the growth and development of this part of the country. A notable example is the life work of the recently deceased Esperanza Bravo de Varona, whose honesty and politeness competed with her efficiency.

The legacy of Esperanza and her team of like-minded women, Ana Rosa Nunez, Lesbia Orta Varona, Rosa Abella, Gladys Gómez de Rosie and a few others, is in the largest repertoire registry Created by the University of Miami Cuban Heritage Collection. Besides documents relating to extraterritorial Cuba, this archive contains most, if not all, works from exiles, works that totalitarianism rejected due to their exclusive nature. is.

Journalism is one of them, and stands out among Carlos Alberto Montaner, Ricardo Braun, Roberto Rodriguez Tejera, Agustín Acosta and others. The investigation was another activity in which Enrique Roth and Juan Clark set the bar, not forgetting the enormous effort of human solidarity by the Miami Medical Team. In this team, respected physician Manuel Al-Zugaray formed a team to treat combatants in Angola, Nicaragua and as far away as Afghanistan.

There is no field of intellectual creation not challenged by Cuban exiles. A recent example is the film Plantadas by Lilo and Camilo Vilaplana. A combatant against totalitarianism who joins in a sincere effort against the evil that destroyed the Republic.

Reynolds, with the help of many people and organizations, has provided the necessary resources to create a living testimony of Vilaplanas, the bloodiest and most ruthless women’s prison our continent has ever experienced. Procured and channeled their undisputed talents to collect some of the most tragic… episodes of our history. The scene in the movie is not a figment of the imagination, as it was not a “planted” scene. It is no exaggeration to say that the dictatorship does not lack accomplices to commit its crimes, despite the fact that many fellow citizens were unable to see or hear as a result of the regime’s heavy censorship. Everything you see in both movies happened.

The torture of Gloria Agudin, including the mock firing squad, took place in October 1960 at the Topes de Corantes Tuberculosis Hospital, which was converted into a prison by the Castro brothers, as were the punishments suffered by all prisoners, including another prisoner, Ana. was. Lazara Rodriguez, Gloria LaSalle, Isabel Tejera, Carrie Roque, and Alicia Del Busto are among her promoters of the film’s testimony. For many women, including Maria Amalia Fernandez del Cueto and Maritza Lugo, the ominous hunger strike was a difficult decision. As Albertini himself describes in his epic book “Cuba and Castroismo, Huelgas of Hambre and Presidio Politico”, like Orgita Morgan’s walk, thousands, including her husband Commander William Morgan to the firing squad of La Cabaña, where many Cubans were executed.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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