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Retired General Humberto Ortega Saavedra (HOS) proposed a “holy truce”. The article, published in the only opposition newspaper (currently online only due to government “choking”), is an effort to explain what happened in Nicaragua in April 2018 and provide a solution. is.

In this text, HOS reveals the role it is playing in Nicaragua’s very deep political crisis. His intention is to be an intermediary. Someone who intends to bring actors to the table. A person who proposes a minimal agenda and reaches a certain level of understanding. HOS has experience with these issues. Especially when there seems to be nothing but fog and myopia.

In 1976, Sandinismo was embroiled in a whirlwind of disagreements that even the leading figure of the time, Carlos Fonseca Amador, could not avoid. In fact, the crash of Fonseca Amador in battle on Zinitsa on November 6, 1976 (although the Somoza National Guard went to deposit his remains with Dipina) was, in one way or another, the reason that Fonseca his Amador tried to avoid. It was the desperate effort to do so. Dismantling.

But already in early 1976, Eduardo Contreras, HOS, Camilo Ortega (youngest son of the Ortigas family), Daniel Ortega (older brother of the Ortigas family) and German Pomares distanced themselves from Carlos Fonseca Amador, It was forming a Tercelista trend. .

HOS and Eduardo Contreras (who were ambushed in the Assosca region on November 7, 1976) were the architects of this plan, foreseeing the unstoppable partition of Sandinismo. But as early as October 1977, the Tercerista Tendency picked up its pace and launched attacks in the south and north of Nicaragua. Although the military relevance of what was done was low, its political significance served to connect with the psyche of the populace, who were fed up with Somocismo’s outrage, and the HOS clearly understood this. and that’s why he was the main designer for him.

Since then, in 1978, the rise of rebellion has been unstoppable. With the keen eye of a political eagle, the HOS understood that this moment would not be repeated, and embarked on the Tercerista Tendency with a spectacular turn to the strategy of general riots, while at the same time contributing to the unification of the Sandinistas. Thus, arriving on July 19, 1979, HOS became the most influential person in Sandinismo in the 1980s, as well as the head of the Army.

But what is missing: In another strategic shift in 1988, the HOS led negotiations to subdue Nicaragua by successfully disarming the Contras (US-funded) in 1989. Did. In 1990 they lost the election.

Now, in 2023, the HOS will intervene again, but already those conditions and the summoner and visionary skills are rubble.

HOS gives us a glimpse of how the authoritarian drift under Daniel Ortega’s patronage has exhausted Sandinismo’s political capital, homologating it with its always-opposite Somocismo. As is logical, it brings with it the notion of taking over from that power apparatus.

Dreamer? No, rather cunning. Good at reading between the lines and good at identifying forex brokers. But HOS is late because in 2018 Daniel Ortega and his mates crossed the line. The repression unleashed in the face of massive and unexpected public mobilization has rendered this political control unjust.

HOS resorts to verbal ingenuity, trying to make the ferocious Ortega (older brother) look like a wise president who makes wise decisions. Daniel Ortega is no longer a convertible currency, it is a destroyed currency, so HOS is wrong on this end.

HOS is also incorrect when describing the opposition and the ruling Sandinistas in the same way. In fact, holding state power makes the lure of authoritarianism easier to win, as in Nicaragua today. Opponents of the regime are not exemplars of virtue, but neither are they personifications of evil.

The HOS seeks an elective solution to the political crisis, which requires a strategic restructuring of the political process. These are two different propositions. Guaranteeing participation in elections solves very little. After this authoritarian episode, Nicaragua must be rebuilt. clean the table. After the election.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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