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Crimes committed by betrayal or deception, which have serious consequences for humans and their environment, should never be prescribed. The arm of justice must be relentless against those who may commit crimes against humanity or have fatal consequences for their victims. From then on, states must ensure that due process is applied in all cases and no one is convicted until they lose a case in court.

February 21, 2023 must be an important day in the country’s history. That’s because on that day El Salvador’s current legislative assembly, with her 76 votes, approved reforms to the Special Inclusive Act for Living Without Violence for Women (LEIV). Murder is never prescribed, and perpetrators are persecuted until they are tried and convicted.

Currently, femicide and aggravated femicide are committed for the crimes of torture, terrorism, genocide, kidnapping, illegal enrichment, embezzlement, enforced disappearance, violation of law or war customs, political, ideological, racial persecution, sex or religious and criminal offences. side is added. Acts that infringe on the sexual freedom of minors or incapacitated persons.

Remember, prior to the February 21st reform, pesticides were prescribed at age 15. So, 15 years after a woman was murdered for reasons of hatred and disrespect for her decency, the crime could no longer be prosecuted and was archived in social memory. However, this amendment amends Articles 32, 33 and 34 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, which could go on for more than 15 years and will not stop the prosecution of crimes. Temporary barriers have been effectively removed, and the country has a responsibility to never let down its vigilance against this type of crime.

Salvadoran law provides for 25 to 35 years’ imprisonment for the murder of a woman and 30 to 50 years’ imprisonment for the aggravated murder of a woman. By the way, the murder of a woman out of hatred or her status as a woman does not envision the maximum sentence, as reforms were approved in 2014 against police officers, judges, prosecutors and the military to punish those who commit murder. yeah. 60 years in prison, security and judicial authorities.

Personally, I think simple and aggravated misogynistic non-prescriptions are fair, especially out of hatred or simply because they are women. However, it should also include other serious crimes, including unlawful crimes such as murder of minors and aggravated murder in general, extortion, treason, illegal groups, acts of terrorism, terrorist organizations, and serious environmental crimes. It seems to me , should not have a prescription.

No one can be absolved of all responsibility years later because someone has committed a serious crime or crime against humanity and the time for prosecution for the act has passed. Anyone who commits a serious crime must be brought to court as long as fair and due process is ensured, as no one is guilty until they lose the case in court.

Some crimes, such as crimes related to corruption, have permanent sequels, while others have irreparable effects on the fabric of society. Someone illegally enriches himself with state money that belongs to the people and is directed towards social development projects. He probably got rich with money allotted for basic infrastructure for the common good. It is a crime that must be prosecuted without temporary barriers or political partisan criteria of any kind, because the non-existence of this work will have a negative impact on the public.

Delinquents are thieves regardless of their ideology, gender, age, cultural level, economic status, or political color. Even Pope Francis called upon humanity by stating: Rather than forgive him, he must cure this evil. The pope called on the world to never stop prosecuting this crime. Fortunately, starting in August 2021, 23 years after El Salvador signed the anti-corruption agreement, El Salvador’s laws are considering non-prescription for crimes related to corruption.

As of 2008, torture, kidnapping, genocide, enforced disappearances, and war-related crimes began to be regulated. New legislative changes in 2015 included sex offenses against incompetent minors as offenses with perpetual prosecution. Here, in my view, all sexual offenses, including those committed against adult men and women, should be included as non-prohibited.

Indeed, without looking to political colors or specific interests or other intentions, we must applaud the legislative reforms of February 21st, but many more committed with intentions and betrayal. We must call on members of parliament to include crimes on this list and study them. Knowing how to make a clear distinction between negligence and less serious damage or harm. So far, the good news is that criminal prosecution for murder does not provide for either.

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