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How will we fight global warming?



Scientists around the world are speaking in worrisome and distressing terms about so-called “global warming,” which seems to be much closer than was predicted a few years ago. Then it is the serious state of climate change, slowly but relentlessly looming over the planet, and even famous scientists are sending their messages to the people and governments of the world today. We cannot stop climate change, but we can take precautionary measures that can lessen its devastating impact on life on Earth. No animal, no plant, except man, would have a way out or salvation from it unless he had the foresight. Take action now to mitigate the devastating effects of this serious problem.

As lawyers, not biologists, and with little knowledge of climate issues, we base this column on what we find through news, columns, or writing. Sudden jumps in a comfortable climate, a hurricane environment, an overly prolific winter season, or, conversely, an environment of prolonged severe drought. Vast forests, green meadows, and great rivers, once navigable, now experience the decline of trees and crops, and the last drop of water flow, not to mention an increase in unexpected high temperatures and deadly cold. I’ve even read that Across our dear Earth.

The causes of this climatic disturbance are varied, but they include clearing large areas of forest, allocating space for the construction of factories, buildings and apartment complexes, leaving wooded spaces, and allowing residents to use their green spaces. Where people live Instead of planting fruit and shade trees, free sections of land are immediately used to build warehouses and small houses without natural ventilation. In addition, increased by the use and abuse of polluting gases that have had an impact on reducing the oxygenation of not only the Earth’s surface but also the natural air and their respective oxygenation of all living organisms. Rivers, lakes and vast coastal areas. Today, many plant and animal species lie in memory albums for the irreparable comfort of future generations.

Nature’s greatest predator is man himself. On top of that, let’s add the many inventions that are harmful to the nature of the environment, as well as the phenomenon of population growth. When I was studying his third grade of Primary Education (now Basic Education), the teacher said that El Salvador had his 34,000 square kilometers (sic) and one million inhabitants, urban and rural. It is distributed in both towns and cities in the department, and told me. . . As time went on, the results of the census ordered by the administration of Colonel Oscar Osorio (1950-1956), regarding the surface of our small republic, showed that these mentioned data were not true and the number of inhabitants was found to be much higher and continues to increase. …to date, the land area has not increased by a single square inch. As a child, I used to visit the owners of the large haciendas in both the departments of São Miguel and Usulután with my parents, but today, when we arrive at those sites, they give way to vast and overcrowded colonies. I stopped doing that because of the pollution. Now the pollution is so great and the voices of the alarm are so loud that it hurts my ears because no one seems to care about the issues I raise in this journalism column. I can’t hear it anymore.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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