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Addressed to PNC General Committee



Last week, the President of the Republic of El Salvador, Naive Armando Bukele Ortez, granted the current Executive Director the category of General Commissioner, pursuant to Presidential Agreement No. 56, Thursday 18 May 2023 at 10:00. In the National Police Civil Affairs Mauricio Antonio Arriasa Chicas, President Bukele acknowledges his background, including his contributions to the police force and all his efforts to combat crime in our country.

At a ceremony held in the Hall of Fame of the Presidential Palace, the president explained and endorsed some of the main reasons for signing the agreement. Likewise, the story unfolded about how the PNC’s secretary-general later accompanied the president. Since taking office, he has carried out several missions and everything has worked according to his orders and expectations, and President Bukele has left generous comments to the secretary, enjoying the moment when he can be called a true friend of his. was also seen.

This law is important because the Director General is the founder of the police corporation, the first seniority in its promotion, and the student with the best overall grades. If any police officer knows the PNC, it is the current director, who effectively and efficiently commanded elite forces and served as deputy director for surface transportation, public safety, and specialized areas. He also served as head of the San Miguel, Usulután and Ahuachapan metropolitan police delegations, Police Liaison Officer, Founder and First Director of the Mounted Police Division created in 2000. He served as Rand’s deputy director. Traffic, Public Safety, Specialized Fields. He has also served as San Miguel, Usulután and Ahuachapan police delegations, metropolitan police chief, police liaison officer, founder and first chief of the Mounted Police Division created in 2000.

Over the course of his long career, he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Forensic Science as well as many recognitions in the national and international police and academic circles. In my opinion, the Director General also has the following advantages: Since June 1, 2019, one of his first provisions of the Director General is that he asserts the basic conditions of the PNC, establishing a police identity and mystique in all administrative and operational personnel. Did. By the way, keeping it dignified from 1992 to May 2019 is a different story for PNC and very disappointing.

It was also proposed to professionalize and specialize the police, which was successful and our PNC now holds an honorable place in the Latin American police force. Moreover, in nearly four years of his administration, not a single month of delay in wages, benefits and bonuses, which had been the norm before, was made. Moreover, his administration is about to reach the 5,000 promotions that the previous administration blocked and trapped. Elevated the Forensic Science and Technology Division to a subdivision and privileged scientific and technical evidence in investigations. He modernized this system through Phase III of his PCT.
And as a corollary, you will go down in national history as the supreme director of the PNC, using your intelligence and police investigations to dismantle the criminal gangs and modernize and dignify the police force. is a person who has succeeded in May God bless you and may the prosperity continue for General Arriaza Chikas.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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