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What Daniel Ortega dances is called Danza Makabra. And it bears no resemblance to the delicious “Hungarian Dances” of Johannes Brahms. After the release and deportation of hundreds of political prisoners (with the apparent intervention of his brother, former Nicaraguan military commander Humberto Ortega), a possible turnaround occurred. seemed to be Probably dialogue (always limited). But it’s not. The authoritarian government led by Daniel Ortega, already showing undeniable signs of fatigue in its physique, face and language, has returned to the attack with selective and precise crackdowns.

It is clear that the political plans there do not give rise to any disagreements. There are no objections. No cacophony. In other words, the absurd dream of all totalitarianism.

Daniel Ortega is not young. he is not yet ripe He will turn 78 on November 11th. So he’s old enough to dance that macabre dance he’s so proudly claimed to be the national dance. Or, as my uncle used to say, “He’s already started peeing out of the toilet.”

Apparently, the Nicaraguan government he presides over has been instilled with the decision to introduce unbroken monologues as a political model.

This gentleman is cunning, or “animalistic” as the local parlance calls it. But everything points to him losing his memory. Although he was at the center of an exceptional political moment (some of which have been dated to 1977-1988), it was in the galloping poverty of Nicaragua’s mass sector that brought down Somocismo. It was a political crisis in Nicaragua, perhaps he no longer remembers. He plunged into this situation from the beginning of 1978, and the inexperienced Sandinista leaders (he was one of them, but now even his shadow no longer recognizes it) did it in a brilliant way. was successful in using the He forgot, which is why he clumsily dances that eerie dance.

Since 2018, he has hoped to force a violent and large-scale response on the repressed sector. and he has not succeeded. His plan was to smash everything once and for all. That’s why his option is to pluck each chicken by hand. And he succeeded in dismantling and frightening thousands of people. But that doesn’t stop the continued formation of Nicaraguan youth-led clandestine political resistance groups from taking shape.

What is going on in exile (Costa Rica, the United States, parts of Europe) is important, but what is decisive is what the political resistance can articulate, articulate and mobilize. And this has a name, it’s a political project that can be outlined. Without this, Daniel Ortega can continue to do damage. But once the political project to rebuild Nicaragua gets off the ground, Daniel Ortega and his minions will start doing that eerie dance on the oil.

All the reprisals the country has taken against political prisoners who left for the United States a few months ago have had only one purpose: to scare a possible domestic opposition. If this number is true, it’s a wounded ‘political animal’ that no longer seeks the stability and tranquility that caves provide. Now he’s just outside scratching around and realizing that his “his time” is over. If it is a story, it would be the moment when the protagonist of the plot knows that the story it is part of is already capable of making its ending visible. And like a possessed human, it is directed.

The model of repression, practiced by a government led by Daniel Ortega, suppressed opposition in the Soviet Union in the 1930s and was very much in line with some stages of the Great Purge, which involved the assassination of Trotsky (former commander of the Red Army since 1917). resemble. , in Mexico on August 21, 1940, like a cherry on a poisoned cake.

This Great Purge was directly directed by Stalin (the highest Russian leader who succeeded in imposing himself after Lenin’s death in 1924), and in the midst of suspicion and extermination Stalin was ultimately administratively driven by several Ended up swallowing the important part. Great purge.

In this sense, Nicaragua’s political horizon looks steep. Its government has been outlawed in many respects, but it still tries to maintain the nuances of legality as a frown rather than a conviction.

It does not intend to end the adversaries, it aims to cause them mental, psychological and financial damage, projecting their lives and their families.

Definitely a spooky dance.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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