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Since the 1990s, little by little, motivated by declining security, neighborhoods and urbanizing communities in the capital and other cities in the country have made decisions to “wall” settlements by installing gates at their entrances and exits. has been lowered. , thereby limiting the free movement of pedestrians and drivers. Of course, this justification is more than enough, and the day-to-day crimes, especially petty crimes, suggest that perhaps the ‘wall’ reason is still valid in some places.

The theft seems to continue as usual, and even seems to be increasing slightly. Thieves, like vagrants, are active 24 hours a day, and this may justify the continued installation of gates that impede free movement. However, the main reason for installing the gates was that gang activity had declined significantly, and in some areas there was no trace of gang activity, so gates that impeded free movement were no longer needed.

When it comes to justifying not removing gates, it must definitely be a reckless driving practice for many people who do not respect pedestrians, especially motorcyclists. In many areas, the main indoor roads are used for children to play, neighbors to socialize, and pets to get away with. So far so good. gate is required. However, El Salvador’s vehicle fleet has grown to an unexpected level of approximately 1.6 million vehicles, resulting in peak hours of almost all from 5 a.m. to 9 a.m. in the capital and major cities of El Salvador. I’m here. Occasionally around 00:00 PM.

Many of the neighborhoods and communities that decide to install gates and fences have roads and thoroughfares that are completely alternate routes to reduce traffic congestion, but when blocked, the stress of traffic congestion increases. A high percentage of these neighborhoods decided to close free passage without consulting or obtaining permission from the city council or other appropriate authorities.

San Salvador, Santa Tecla, Mexicanos, Soyapango, Antiguo Cuscatlan, Ciudad Delgado, Ayutuxtepeque. Ilopango, San Marcos, Cuscatánzingo, Apopa, San Miguel, Santa Ana, Sonsonate, and other hyper-urbanized cities in the interior of the country have their famous gates and wings that block road and pedestrian traffic. By constitution, roads, thoroughfares, or arteries of any kind are for public use. Pedestrians who cannot cross roads, alleys, streets, shortcuts, or simply sidewalks due to community-agreed gates or rules, and must walk a few more blocks to get from one place to another There is

In some urbanized areas, burial mounds, ditches, control booths, and all sorts of other obstacles are even being built without anyone’s permission rather than for the special benefit of nearby residents. This is not surprising, as safety is our priority intangible asset. and make it effective. Again, some places have simplified neighborhood gates to prevent congestion.

The Department of Public Works and its affiliates, as well as the mayor’s office, will conduct a thorough assessment to thoroughly assess where these gates need to be removed, to ensure the safety of neighborhood residents, and improve urban planning. must be enabled. Rights of Pedestrians and Drivers. This research should reflect the voice of the public and the real interests of stakeholders, providing technical analysis and solutions that are friendly to all.

Of course, on neighborhood or community neighborhood roads, no heavily trafficked roads should be allowed, top speeds should be limited or controlled, and even hours of use on those roads and boulevards should be evaluated. and be properly signposted to avoid congestion. Accidents and accidents with unfortunate consequences.

We all have the right to respect our space, but we also have the obligation to respect the freedom of movement and the rights of others that come with free movement. Since the state, as the architect of the state, is responsible for ensuring that the social coexistence system works properly, the authorities must seek solutions as soon as possible.

Who knew that some places no longer needed gates to ensure safety, despite the improvement in security in this country and the obvious need for gates to protect the pedestrians of their neighbours? It’s not really a secret. It’s also no secret that we are tired of the daily crowds everywhere and anytime. Getting rid of a few neighborhood gates isn’t enough, but it will definitely help ease the traffic a bit. Each street closed by a ‘wall’ should be studied, perhaps some should be continued, while others should be opened for free pedestrian and road access.

Public works authorities face a major challenge. Their task is to find all kinds of mechanisms to not only ensure the flow of roads and pedestrians, but also the safety of the population. Whatever the proposals, they must be legally implemented as soon as possible. Because daily heavy traffic jams stress us, damage our domestic economy and reduce our quality of life. An example is traffic jams that average more than 3 hours per day.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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