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The indifference to numerous tensions and conflicts leaves us speechless. You must renew yourself and come out of this paradoxical situation and enter with the other direction of mutual trust and brotherhood. Indeed, it all starts with a healthy mind willing to build bridges in a divided world. War truly sprouts from the very human mind. Calmness also starts with you. It is a matter of fighting for the systematic nature of truth, with freedom of action, a sense of fairness, and respect for human rights, to unite with a collective spirit that must start from the conscience of the people. . I hope that the inner mystique that we have to nurture and offer will spread even further. At this moment, I want to remember the heroes who are working to help existence and contribute to the transition to a more peaceful and cooperative world. I am reminded of the UN peacekeepers who have spent 75 years saving lives and innovating the ways and means of understanding time on earth. Congratulations! I am happy with this atmosphere.

Certainly, everyone has to change. As individuals we may have little success, but together we can be a powerful source of evolution. Of course, it is also important to call on governments and those responsible for public opinion to modify the language of relations and maintain an alternative, more transparent and authentic alphabet. We must all rethink the existence of violence on a large scale to ensure the preservation of life, in the belief that effective harmony is the only driving force that enables a more livable world. not. Certainly we cannot abandon the mandate of mediation and must stand before those who rebuild alliances to give peace and life. Therefore, it is good to have more opportunities for dialogue. Therefore, today more than ever there is a need for a dedicated public to resist falls and surrender their weapons. Ensuring political solutions must be poetic and our purpose in order to bring us to a sustainable agreement.

The lyrical beat must also include our steps. Our steps are inspired, by undoing the misery of everyday life, and by constantly assessing humanitarian progress in a world with millions of people devastated by the floods of conflict. It has to be inspirational. , due in part to heightened international political tensions. Every day, the world needs people with sincere words and inclusive actions. That’s what truly unites us. So let us embark on a mission to build and maintain a society worthy of mutual understanding, compassion and human dignity. This is our obligation to cooperate and agree globally. The important thing is to build rather than destroy, to galvanize social justice and promote decent work, not to die and be reborn without being hampered by our own selfishness. Happy citizens become more loving because they feel they are part of and constitute a living project that unites them into a single human family. Hatred among peers is the most inhumane and even den of immorality.

You must call yourself, go into yourself to face your own destiny, recognize yourself in humanity, and feel the bond of common development. That is what ultimately calms us down and brings us together. Strengthening institutions to create more and better jobs is important, as well as macroeconomic policies, but remember that the social state must be strengthened to promote respect for the family. Respect for home is what really makes us beautiful as thinking beings. Live creatively and responsibly. This makes us feel the earth as a common home, and our brothers as part of its endless verse, part of which forms an alphabet and a continuum of words. It is. Therefore, it is important to achieve a cooperative atmosphere among them in order to protect the weak from abuse by the strong. For this reason, it is imperative that all residents, convened as a community of pacifist bards rather than beast guerrillas, strive to live their own lives, with a generous consensus-building attitude.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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