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Opposition to government is as fundamental as resistance in any democratic system. Opposition is political in nature as it seeks political power through the electoral system, whereas resistance is inherently cultural in nature and refers to values, ideologies and customs. Although the Resistance is not preparing to use the government, political phenomena can occur in which actors belonging to the Resistance become part of the opposition to the government. Government is a specific form of political power. Its functions and dynamics are buried within the institutions of the state.

The big political problem is that despite some individuals claiming to belong to a political opposition, there is no systematically organized political opposition and, worse still, the people who form that opposition. The idea is only in their heads because they are incapable of doing so. Major strata of society do not support initiatives that provide room for the emergence of political opposition to government within the rules of the political and institutional game.

Social networks and some other television programs feature subjects who make various and contradictory statements and seek leadership different from themselves in order to achieve their goals, ready to manage public affairs. is not shown. And even less can he become an official candidate for the presidency of the republic.

On the one hand, these participants lack the profile to win presidential elections, carry no particular political banner, and are not leaders. Rather, they appear to be leaders with short-term needs that fade over time. They also function as commentators on political issues, but they have the ability to confront political parties within the government, and have the qualities of an analyst who has succeeded in building a serious and distinct political opposition. has not been reached.

Political leaders are actually made. It is not something they improvise without a well-structured analysis so that what they propose is politically meaningful. What anti-government commentators are proposing lacks a standard of rationality to explain the situation and political action to change the government’s decisions.

What should also be said is that the aforementioned commentators lack the electoral system needed to win elections, nor the formal, full-fledged financier backing to back them up, and thus their own lack of political capital. Election competition requires investment, material and human resources.

It is rather the government’s opponents and perhaps resistance to power that underestimate the flaws of the participants who claim to be leaders of the political opposition. From the point of view of not making these extremes clear, they emphasize personal ambitions rather than national interests, and the question of power is not a question of half-hearted competition with an adversary, nor is it a question of exploring possibilities. don’t know Find out why election administrators don’t risk this type of investment.

Public support is the basis of extremist and sympathetic power, managed by future official political party candidates who have demonstrated considerable operational capability in the good field, along with high organizational capacity to manage the state. political capital. Correlations between decisions and actions, and between expected and achieved outcomes. Managing early electoral support is a key point in any government strategy, fueled by public popularity for a candidate who gains the will and empathy to follow a political project, which in turn improves collective well-being. .

Since the dissolution of traditional political parties, they have been unable to reconstitute their political cadres, their interventions have been weak, and many extremists have become disillusioned with their leaders’ political actions, their messages, and their policies. is escaping from The methods of communicating them are guarded by uncertainty and contain no coherence, credibility or coherence, political opposition is a mystery, and when it disappears only power remains.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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