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Sometimes I wish the show didn’t last



In the song “Show Must Go On” by the famous British group Queen, “The show must go on, I will face it with a smile, I will never give up.” It is written. Paraphrasing the lyrics, he says makeup can be ruined even though his heart is broken. But the smile always goes on. Even if there is no reason, even if there is thunder, if it rains, or if the classroom is empty, we have to keep going. Elmer Rice mentions the theater environment in her novel The Show Must Go On. It describes the mental storms, rains, hail, and cyclones in which they mix.

Many problems and ups and downs can make it difficult to stay alive. The suffocation of 12 fans of the Alianza Sport Club at the Cuscatlan stadium on May 20 leaves a bad aftertaste, despite the doors being reopened for football matches. It left a historical fact that sadness and memories surface. To those who wanted to enjoy life even a little, rest in peace. El Salvador’s flag is up and aid is being offered to the families of the deceased, but no one can ease the pain. Such misfortunes have already happened at other sporting events.

I wrote an article, “Rest in Peace,” alluding to the news of a police officer being gunned down by a gang. We always tend to express the iconic phrase “Rest in Peace” to our friends and family. But humans wanted to keep living, they wanted to keep building their dreams. I draw on the case of young Frank Alvarenga, who died in a stray bullet fired by a fan after a soccer match at Santa Ana’s Oscar Quiteño Stadium, but for his family, life goes on.

Leisure culture is widespread among Salvadorans, but if you don’t believe us, just ask the public relations officers of the music groups and singers coming to comrades this year. Many people satisfy their egos when watching shows, regardless of the type of show. In El Salvador, we’ve always got used to things happening because the laws change or some articles are amended. We Salvadorans need to practice customs, politeness and good manners. Many people don’t even enjoy the show, drive into the stadium drunk, drive into a utility pole, and die.

For many people, shows are seen at concerts of their favorite singers, sporting events, theatrical performances, religious functions, and speeches by politicians. Tragedy can happen in any show. For example, many religious people are crushed to death while visiting Mecca. Humans would love to be in such a place, but I don’t know if it will be the last day. Remember that children, youth and adults will always want to enjoy the show.

Any spectacle is not bad if what is consumed is good, pleasant, or satisfies the human being. What is bad is pushing boundaries, circumventing the law, and feeding the ego. If an event occurs in which a human loses a loved one, it becomes difficult to continue the show. Psychologists say they must continue to mourn, keep fighting, go to work, study and other activities. Therefore, it is necessary to further practice the habits of urbanization, eradicate vices and avoid exposure to danger.

Bread and circuses is an expression that comes from ancient Rome and refers to spectacles that people want to see, such as fights between gladiators, gladiators fighting wild beasts, or theatrical performances. It was all for the entertainment of the people, and they were also given bread to satisfy their hunger. That is why it is often said in the fields of politics, bread and circuses.

Sometimes it’s hard to keep the show going even though a human has been diagnosed with cancer and only has a few days left to live. Life never stops and we are always awake and ready to do our daily activities, no matter what happens. Sometimes we wish that this spectacle of life had never happened. But we must face challenges and never give up. “My soul is drawn like the wings of a butterfly, yesterday’s fairy tale grows but never dies.” Freddie Mercury.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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