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I have deep respect for people who fight for their beliefs and rights, who are always willing to face real risks without fear of consequences. Fortunately, for those of us who love freedom and the enjoyment of national privileges, it is by no means lacking. The most recent example of a heroic act with tragic consequences was that of Ecuadorian presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio, who said in the face of numerous threats that he had been targeted with: “The only thing to do is kill me, and with that we liberated the whole town.” This was an extraordinary display of courage, as he knew he would be killed.

Villavicencio’s murder did not intimidate other Ecuadorian candidates or freedom fighters, but in other countries, murderers are engrossed in election campaigns where they double as referees, such as that of Maria Colina Machado in Venezuela. There is.

Castro Chavismo’s fiefdom is fueling its weapons. In Nicaragua, the disastrous Ortega-Murillo couple has intensified their repression against priests and other citizens, but resistance remains unabated, especially as Bishop Rolando José Álvarez Lago shows in his actions. .

Despite nearly 65 years of resistance, Cuba still has 1,047 political prisoners, according to prisoner advocacy groups, including José Daniel Ferrer and Navarro, who remains in prison. Family members include Mr. and Mrs. Felix, his mother, and Mr. Saili. In Bolivia, the recycling policy implemented by Evo Morales and Luis Arce Catacora has increased the number of political prisoners to more than 200, including President Jeanine Áñez.

Venezuela is one of the countries most affected by the rebels, is currently in the midst of an election campaign, and, according to a report from the Criminal Bureau, the organized crime dictator faces every possible obstacle, specifically almost certain They say they are facing widespread election fraud. At least 282 political prisoners, including former student leader and former deputy Juan Lexen, have suffered humiliation and abuse at the hands of the henchmen of Castro Chávez’s dictatorship, and they are clearly facing a common set of human rights violations, according to a forum in Venezuela. We share the same points. people who are incarcerated.

But as presidential candidate María Colina Machado proves, those opposed to the dictatorship have not stopped fighting for freedom. She has certainly proven over the years that she has sufficient moral integrity, talent, and desire to run the country. The dangers that Nicolás Maduro, Diosdado Cabello, or their henchmen have placed in the fight for freedom.

She joined the civil society group Sumate, of which she was one of the founders and executive director, and needed to advocate for constitutional rights, including the right to vote, which was constantly threatened by fraud. Demonstrated great work ability and courage. In addition to 21st century socialism, Maduro has demonstrated her greatest mastery of the constant manipulation of the National Electoral Council carried out by Chávez.

Now more than ever in the past, women felt threatened and threatened that the proposals of the Castro-Chavismo despots threatened the integrity of their families, even though they had always been there, and in the face of it, they felt threatened and forced themselves to do so. This may be an action taken by It was a transcendent step that brought them to the leadership they deserved. The continued and unrestricted participation of women in these liberal events is equal to that of men, and as a result, in the electoral process, sex has no connection and those who can best serve the greatest number of citizens should have the support of

Machado, an engineer and former congressman, is a strong candidate among Venezuelan voters. She has always remained resolute, not giving in to her threatened chavismo, with her tyrannical master Genisaro beating her many times. María Colina Machado, like other women in Nicaragua, Bolivia and Cuba, like Marta Beatriz Roque Cabello and the politicians already mentioned, who did not give up their fight for decades, always fought against the tyranny of their countries. It was a stone that stood in the position of rulers. Prisoner Saili Navarro has been denouncing totalitarianism on the island since she was a child, when her father went to prison.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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