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Independence Day will be celebrated again in El Salvador and Central America. I sometimes wonder what would have happened if we had not gained independence from Spain. Some countries, like Haiti, wish to remain part of Spain or France because of their instability. The word independence has many different meanings, but a better example is to free ourselves from anything that seeks to abolish freedom of expression, as stated in Article 6 of the Constitution of the Republic of El Salvador.

We are Central Americans who celebrate Independence Day on the same day. But some countries, like Nicaragua, have neither independence nor the rule of law. They are stuck in the mire of tyrannical totalitarianism. UCA University and newspaper offices are closed to Nicaraguans. Furthermore, they extradited religious people. Costa Rica, on the other hand, has no military. Therefore, their democracy is an example for other countries and is not waiting for a military coup. Its sister countries live better lives because their state institutions function independently.

We became independent from foreign armies, guerrillas, and Marxist-Leninist ideology that retarded the country’s development. We will become independent or free from a corrupt, totalitarian (…) and authoritarian president.

We Salvadorans have experienced it all, so you don’t have to look around. We have been slowly creating democracy. All Salvadorans know that the three powers of the state must exercise their functions independently. We cannot observe the Constitutional Council working in favor of the nation, nor can we see members who do not exercise independence as representatives of the people. We want legislators who don’t just analyze the law, they don’t just sit at the table and push buttons. Each member must have freedom and not be manipulated to carry out his or her duties.

Each Mayor’s Department, regardless of its size, needs to be able to carry out its work. In another context, each municipality has jurisdiction, which gives it the authority to carry out works. The country must have a public policy so that each municipality can develop. Independence from emergency regimes. The people must have all the constitutional guarantees, but they cannot live their whole lives under that system. This is because all constitutional guarantees would be lost. A nation needs laws that provide legal security. What happens when the emergency system disappears?

Although we are back independent, we Salvadorans do not have full independence. Since then, we have had other countries intervene on many fronts. However, we welcome your suggestions and solutions for achieving optimal democracy. We aspire to be independent of NGOs whose proposals do not adhere to some of the ideas that are rooted in our principles and values ​​and the Millennium Development Goals. We don’t want educational institutions to come into our schools and talk about gender ideologies and proposals that don’t fit our culture. Let us remember that our children most often grow up with norms of courtesy and civility. They learned religious principles learned at home.

We want a model of a country, a country that guarantees legal independence and full guarantees and is respected without human rights. We want second-class civil servants who are elected by the public and are free from corruption. As for second-class employees, we want the Attorney General’s Office to function as required by law. All legal professionals and public servants must practice their duties without prejudice or directives contrary to Magna Carta.

Independence means living in a country free of censorship and where people and nations respect Magna Carta. We do not want to violate the Stone Clause. Independence means having the freedom to form trade unions for the dignified functioning of the working class. Doctors’ and teachers’ unions, in particular, have the right to demonstrate.
Independence means being free to walk the streets without any constraints and without fear of being detained without just cause. Of course, the law should not be abused. Remember that there are national and international organizations that monitor our sovereign homeland. May independence be a celebration in which we all participate. All Salvadorans aspire to live in a conquered country where the rule of law, embodied in peace agreements, prevails. We want to live independently of anything that would set back the development of America’s Thumbelina in all areas. Let’s be proud and shout Long Live El Salvador!

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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