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Castroism and people’s business



Human trafficking is one of the greatest abnormalities that humanity can suffer from, but when it comes to the government carrying out the trafficking, it is difficult to find the conditions that apply. Cuban authorities have always trafficked their own citizens, but what’s worse is that they have incorporated the national values ​​that this trade is a legal and moral act, and that they will do so as long as it is beneficial to the government. , I have to add that. , It is not negative for the ruled to provide mercenary services to foreign countries or to the armies that require them.

Most Cubans, spanning at least two generations, grew up under the influence of their parents’ participation in mercenary wars for the defunct Soviet Union and Fidel Castro’s imperialist will. That is what motivates me to declare that the last army that speaks imperialism will be Hispanic. In the world, they were Cubans, not Spaniards.

Castro’s totalitarianism has historically participated in any criminal activity that benefits it, regardless of how moral or legal conditions are violated. It has always been associated with the three most criminal crimes: drugs, human trafficking, and terrorism. This sowing of anti-values, greed, selfishness, impunity and injustice, to name just a few examples, continues in the close cooperation that Cuba is once again using its own people to provide to Russia in its war of aggression against Ukraine. It shows all its humiliation. As cannon fodder to please Moscow.

It is not surprising that Castroism sells out its people, but it is alarming that young people are willing to participate in an unjust war, contrary to the values ​​proclaimed by José Martí. It would be painful for us that they would die and kill, not to defend their homeland, but to leave their unfortunate land, to obtain the benefits to which all citizens of the world are entitled.

The film’s production shows that Cuban youth do indeed suffer from overwhelming levels of frustration, leading them to act in pursuit of their desired level of survival without dwelling on the harm they cause. This is shown in a report for Radio Martí by journalist Luis Guardia. A collaboration with his colleague Yvette Pacheco.

In this information, Mrs. Caridad Díaz said that her son Alex Rolando Vega Díaz, who was at a Russian military base at the time, “would rather die from a Ukrainian bomb than die of hunger and sadness in Cuba.” He claims he was told. It shows the extent to which the islanders have reached despair due to their indifference to Castroism. The administration’s reaction to these events surprises no one. Similar to Case No. 1, where the minions of the totalitarian upper echelons were indicted, the script is repeated when the ruling leadership is accused of drug trafficking.

The same goes for assembly. Havana claims it has arrested several people involved in the operation. In other words, a totalitarian government like Cuba, which prides itself on exercising social control within its borders, is aware of an operation in which its most important ally, Colonel Vladimir Putin, is the main beneficiary. There wasn’t.

The travesty of this arrest prompted activist Jaimiel Hernández to ask himself: when will Díaz-Canel start the second case? Hinting at the setting up of the first case mentioned above, this columnist once again asked Raul – The number of regime officials who will have to pay responsibility to save the dictatorship’s wounds, added Castro, who will be the main accuser.

Miguel Díaz-Canel, though not gifted with creating new villains, once again proves to be his most loyal servant. He is, and always will be, the wild card that will ensure that the new class created by the doomed Castro brothers remains in power and destroys the Cuban state.

For Castroism, only those who oppose it are mercenaries, and those who oppress and kill in their service are honorable people to be emulated. The indoctrination and manipulation has had very negative consequences for the future of the Cuban state, and it will create a very vicious mafia that will survive under the regime, and it will be called the Castro Mafia. As the mafia, we will know this painfully.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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