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Something very strange is happening in Honduras, but it cannot be defined based on concepts already known and studied in political science. I don’t think it’s anarchism or populism, but rather pure and simple insanity.

Something very strange has happened recently in Honduras, this left-wing government (we affectionately call them the Nyangara people here). These caviar left-handers, Ferragamo shoes, Givenchy and Rolex suits have special characteristics. They all prefer to be called ministers. It doesn’t matter if you’re a freelancer or only in front of management. It’s like we call ANDA’s manager a minister just because he has an inferiority complex.

Now, back to the main topic, he is one of the boys who was honored by the boss of this country, Jose Manuel “Mel” Zelaya Rosales, and his wife holds the title of judicial officer. Marlon Ochoa, a man not over 30 years old (whose resume says he set fire to the entrance to the American embassy here in the capital), made him director of income management systems as a reward. did. Something like the Directorate General of Internal Revenue in his home country (I don’t know if it’s still called that). What does that “gyro” (little boy, child) know about taxes?

Gilo is short-tempered, rude, has no filter when it comes to speaking, and Mel Celaya always repeats himself ad nauseam, even though he needs to maintain his sanity and presence as a public servant. Serves as a consultant.

Despite all the ignorance, hatred, and resentment that comes with directing a nation’s tax policy, he has been dedicated to tweeting and fighting half the world since winning the award. One time they invited him to speak at the National Assembly, but he did nothing but insult the opposition and businessmen, and well, to get the point across, he tweeted (they don’t call it that anymore) he told ANEP here. , that is he COHEP, “They are a mafia of businessmen controlled by his 10 families, tax evading drug traffickers.”

cute little creatures. How it unites the country! How it spreads calm, peace and tranquility! How do you say “come, come” to foreign investment?

COHEP couldn’t do it anymore. Because it’s these nangaro shit with the same discourse. So my friend Armando Urtecho, the Secretary General, rebuked him and invited him to submit all his evidence against COHEP, who was waiting for him at the door of the Ministry of Public Affairs (our FGR) last Wednesday. I handed over the letter. He gave the organization to someone he accused of being a mafia. The situation is difficult. How is this little guy going to prove it’s a complete criminal construct?

Well, the aforementioned day came and to the surprise of ordinary decent people, the Minister arrived in a truck as his co-pilot. It seemed like he had box after box of evidence. No, there were only seven. The truck thing was truly a spectacle. What is surprising, however, is that it was not the act of a civil servant who came to the Ministry of Civil Service to file a complaint to initiate a formal criminal investigation against the group of tax evaders. No, that’s not true. What happened was a show, a spectacle, a terrible partisan, partisan rendition of events. It’s absurd! There was a horde of Libre Party supporters supporting the minister, who sat at the official podium in front of the entrance to the National Assembly and gave a speech with the same refrain: “Fourteen years of narco-dictatorship, dark groups, empire,” but he He said this. He declined to say anything about the charges, but added that these families were coming together to plan the murders as Vaudeville closed down. Paaaaa please. Today’s millionaires don’t spend gunpowder on zorps.

But hey, I’ll just leave that sad anecdote as an example of the crazy behavior we experience in Honduras. Something very ugly is happening. I lost my sanity and decency. This is pure Zhongma government. The Ministry of the Environment, like the Sandinistas, flew the Libre flag next to the Honduran flag. Ministers and non-ministers, those who still want to call themselves that, and even MPs, are stirring up hatred on the most disgusting networks. It looks like a septic tank.

At the end of this article, I already said the following: The fascists who rule that beautiful land have a shocking group called the “Libre Collective” who come on motorbikes to shut down public health clinics, hospitals and the Ministry of Education. , they demand whatever they want, closing roads, especially the employment of party members, and the worst thing is that neither the police, nor the army, nor the party itself will say anything, because everything is on Mer Zelaya’s orders. What it doesn’t do is: cause confusion.

We are in one of those anarchies that we know before disaster strikes.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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