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Democratic aspirations for spiritual revolution



The death of the greatest mercenary of our time, former head of the Wagner Group, Evgeny Prigozhin, and his lieutenant, Dmitry Utkin, who served loyally to former colonel Vladimir Putin and were responsible for his many outrages, even wanting to bite his master. However, many people lost their lives due to the death of many people. They are rivals of former KGB officials whose deaths are similarly shrouded in mystery in other countries ruled by autocracies, such as Cuba. These deaths are reminiscent of the many Putin opponents who died under rare circumstances. Alexander Litvinenko, former Russian intelligence officer. Anna Politkovskaya, a reporter who exposed war crimes committed by the Russian military in Chechnya. Boris Berezovsky, an oligarch close to President Vladimir Putin, was found hanging in his bathroom, but experts have ruled that the wound to his neck may have been a homicide.

The spirit of democracy must emphasize respect for human rights and focus on people. In this sense, good governance concerns everyone and requires virtue, institutional strengthening, oversight and constant accountability. Certainly not useful at this moment. We are aware of the numerous threats we face in these times of tension and turmoil. However, although there are various pressures that oppress the civic space, we always hold on to the dream of persuading through dialogue based on humility and winning. Without a doubt, as good citizens, we must avoid anger within ourselves, lest walls of resentment and hatred rise up.
In fact, we know that the situation is not easy. The dramatic divisions of the modern world are manifold. For this reason, we are committed to the path of reconciliation, clarification of the situation, and in particular democracy, a step in our own human history aimed at achieving peace and moving forward with the possibility of harmony and equality. They are concerned with developing a desire for principle. Brutal violence, worsening poverty, and the lack of commitment from a social and democratic state of law have left us losing hope and calling for a continued recovery of both our aspirations for freedom and our human dignity. I am. Perhaps we need to remember that the foundations of civility are innate, transcending us towards a humanistic spirit that brings us closer.
Today, more than ever, we need to rely on our democratic aspiration to build bridges of understanding, a globally recognized ideal and one of the fundamental values ​​and principles of the United Nations. . We humans must learn to feel like family, and we must fight the legacy of slavery that persists through inequality and an oppressive prison system. By the way, the basis of democracy and justice lies in the independence of the press. Forming opinions and interpreting power based on evidence helps harmonize minds and promote analysis among people. People’s physical, moral and spiritual energy too often tends to be dissipated by brutality and destruction.
Disinformation and distorted information poison us, polarize communities, and undermine the integrity of our democratic institutions. Unfortunately, we forget that the right to life is the basis of autonomy and brotherhood. Therefore, rebuilding the culture of life has become a particularly urgent task. On the other hand, every person has the right to live and to live fully and nobly. Otherwise, there will be no peace and no proclamations to excite the next generation. It is immoral to settle for indifference. We must now be overwhelmed by the rising death toll of migrants and refugees, as destruction of all kinds forces them to leave their homes.
Undoubtedly, we are entrusted with the task of successfully ending this problem, which is nothing less than reconciliation among ourselves, which will lead to the peace on earth that we so much need today. necessarily entails. A policy of division based on lies and the poison of hatred, and a policy of diversion and entertainment that creates extreme confusion and an endless stream of chaos, which does nothing but prevent joint measures from being taken in the face of permanent conflict between nations. In a highly confrontational world, talking quietly makes it difficult to understand each other. Only a renewed recognition of human justice and its inalienable rights can lead us to a universal common good and a new international moral order.
Policies today need to be more poetic. Or, if you prefer, you should have fewer worldly interests. All are interconnected and require a high degree of integrity in the movement, fairness in the legal system, and transparency in the democratic process. Under such a premise, a good temperament and a clear disposition to resolve conflicts by peaceful means are also required. Of course, there must be a will to come to an agreement and engage constructively in the dawn task. Under this umbrella, we can educate for harmony through the work of spirituality that promotes mutual understanding. I hope we can find our way and meet again in good health and heartbeat together!

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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