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El Salvador’s political system and regime recognizes political opposition and legally requires the existence of political parties that make substantive proposals with political criteria that help better define the country’s general administration. is recognized. Structures of power, together with power relations, indicate conditions of inclusion, exclusion, and on the other hand, constructions and contradictions that need to be experienced at different moments of the relationship with power, and the expanding waves of power are powerful and Yes, and includes not only the government but also political opponents who may later become political opponents.

It is the political responsibility of the opposition to make ideological proposals that generate ideas that raise current and urgent issues of the historical structural order, such as health and education. The central government strengthens the political project through technological development strategies, security, and the governance of a democratic, progressive, and productive state. We now make a fundamental mistake when a divided and conflicted political opposition exhibits conflict over internal power positions and structural disorder, which has dire consequences when it appears before the media. I am aware that I have received fundamental criticism for my actions.

They insult each other, send insults and abuse to their political opponents, compete over presidential candidates, Congress, local government, and even try to gain political knowledge in a funny and ironic way. be. Because through their resumes they have dedicated themselves to other activities that have nothing to do with the power centers, and when they open their mouths to talk about democracy, justice, honesty, transparency, they have it. It is not. The scale of the exhibition cannot be adjusted.

The failure of this opposition party in not coordinating was that it failed to assess the political weight of the candidates of the recognized political parties, committing crimes out of naivety and ignorance in an attempt to gain a better place of power. be.

So we ask the question: where does the need for political opposition arise? Analyzes of the mechanisms of opposition parties as forces opposing the central government do not accurately assess the various variables of political forces operating within and outside the states. It is at this point that the opposition parties are cornered by their forces. Lack of quality political debate to intervene in the upcoming electoral event to elect the President and Vice President of the Republic.

So we can continue to have people grouped together in a disorderly and inconsistent way, but can such people be considered to have political status? The answer is straightforward and coercive. This is because they do not exercise a political opposition function and, as a result, have little political effectiveness. Since there is no perspective, the answer cannot be denied. The same goes for power.

Political analysis cannot be done superficially and unconditionally; it must be done thoroughly. National events cannot be treated in a simple way because they fall into more of the same areas. Power struggles are rising, not falling, and the main parts of power are permanently coexisting with us and within us, and their location is exactly where we are: living and producing. It is the culture itself. It embodies a particular way of political thought for building a hegemonic project developed by the central government through state apparatuses that influence the people and have particular ways of thinking and acting. This is what I did. Power affects every corner of the social structure, and politics is literally synonymous with society.

Thus, central governments crack down on corruption, especially when it is seen as a selective tool against political opponents, creating political tension and polarization. Power makes both the blind and the sighted, and politicians become victims of their own power structures.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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