President Nayib Bukele of the Republic approved the “Cyber ​​Security Policy of El Salvador” published in the official bulletin on Friday, May 13, 2022 on March 7. This policy was promoted by the President’s Secretary of Innovation, Vladimir Roberto. Handal.

The issued policy guarantees that the government will establish a “Cyber ​​Security Commission” in July 2020 and resume operations in February 2021.

We also create entities that coordinate cybersecurity efforts among the public, private, non-governmental, and civil society, and regularly review security policies.

According to the policy, cybersecurity education campaigns to strengthen risk approaches with the private sector, education sector, local governments, non-governmental organizations, civil society, and ongoing education programs to strengthen mechanisms for minimizing government staff. There is cyber security. The impact of cyber attacks.

This policy includes revisions to the current legal framework, the creation of a dedicated legal committee to examine indicted tools related to computer crime, and “among stakeholders in the national and international judicial system. Creating a network for exchanging information about computer crime. ” level. “

This document describes creating a committee with key infrastructure operators who use strategic assets, creating a computer emergency response team coordinated by the national emergency response team, and a dedicated computer security incident response center (CSIRT) and security. We also anticipate the creation of an operations center. (SOC) In fields such as finance, commerce, industry, and academia.

Coordinating body for national security

According to the policy, each state agency has an institutional coordinator to implement cybersecurity plans, coordinating with the Information Security Officer (RSI) or the risk management unit of each agency to define a course of action for mitigation. To do. risk”.

It also mentions the domestic cybersecurity coordinating body and the Information Security Committee (CSI), which is responsible for conducting risk analysis at each body, and reports to the chief engineer.

We also anticipate the certification of cybersecurity processes by “established Salvador standards” and their contribution to cybersecurity “on the international stage”.

Similarly, promote respect for the Charter of the United Nations, international treaties and international law “in relation to cybersecurity and cyberdefense”, participate in “all international efforts” and build “appropriate communication channels internationally”. I promise that.

It also establishes seven steps for El Salvador organizations to implement cybersecurity programs, including scope prioritization, current profile creation, and risk assessment.

One of the observations made by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) 2020 Cybersecurity Report on El Salvador was the lack of a national cybersecurity strategy. This report proposes the development of national cybersecurity policy as one of the objectives of 2022 after the “consultation” process with the participation of international experts, academia, government agencies, the private sector and civil society organizations. bottom.

According to this report, El Salvador has exchanged knowledge with Ecuador, Spain, Israel and the Republic of Korea and has made great strides in approving special laws for computers and related crimes approved in 2016, but comprehensive individuals. Note that there is no data protection law.

Also, at that time, participation in El Salvador’s integrated administrative management system and national open data policy was shown through the site. data.gob.svA portal with over 20 public information databases.

In this region, Costa Rica, a country that has adopted a cybersecurity policy, reportedly suffers from cyberattacks on public institutions by a group of Russian-based criminals. According to the BBC, the most affected agency in this case was the Treasury, which abused its tax filing and foreign trade systems, paralyzing salary collection and payment systems.