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Opposition: Unconstitutional $436 Million Distribution



Opposition lawmakers explained that the $436.2 million debt allocation in the 2022 budget was unconstitutional.

“It is unconstitutional because according to the constitution the budget must be balanced, and if a statute says to earn income but does not say what it will be used for, it is unconstitutional. said Claudia Ortiz.Vamos Party.

He questioned the allocation of $319 million. “They’re headed for the black hole where you set your strategic priorities. Here you state general obligations of the state without giving details,” he said.

FMLN’s Anabel Belloso also thought it was unconstitutional. “They are increasing the budget without going through the process to add obligations that weren’t built in at the time of approval,” he said.

Nuestro Tiempo’s John Wright also did not support the distribution of debt funds. “It’s not clear if that debt has already been taken. It seems frivolous, complete irresponsibility,” he said.
He also questioned the constitutionality.

Legislators criticized the lack of information on whether the bond placements actually took effect. “They want credit because in theory you don’t have that income,” Ortiz asked. “They’re distributing money they don’t have yet. It’s all a mess,” added Rep. Veloso.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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