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Lawmakers approve $100 million loan



The Legislative Assembly, with 65 votes, approved the government’s $100 million investment with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) for a program to improve the tertiary and rural unpaved national highway network, under the Department of Public Works and Transport. Approved to sign the loan (MOPT). Roads will be intervened in the departments of Santa Ana, Charatenango, San Vicente, Usulután and La Union.

Nuevas Ideas deputy Saul Mancia pointed out that it would be one of the ways to intervene on the dirt road La Montagnana circuit.

FMLN MPs voted against.

Deputy Commissioner Marleni Funes said the Finance Committee’s opinion did not provide details on how the $100 million credit would be invested.

Vamos and Nuestro Tiempo withdrew.

“This legislative assembly has so far approved about $3 billion in loans when there are said to be overcollections,” said Claudia Ortiz.

Arena did not vote for Loan. René Portillo Cuadra said the details of the investment were unknown. On the government-approved debt, he noted that debt write-offs would have to be paid next year. “We don’t have the resources to pay it back,” Portillo said.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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