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The 2022 general budget is already over $9 billion



The Legislative Assembly has approved all amendments.

The Legislative Assembly has approved all amendments.

The general government budget for 2022 reached $9,052.1 million, according to preliminary data updated in October 2022 by the Treasury Department’s Fiscal Transparency Portal.

The original government-budgeted project approved in December 2021 had already increased by $1,090.6 million by that date.

The Legislative Assembly has approved a budget of $7,961.5 million for central government agencies, including executive, judicial, and legislative branches, for December 2021. It ended up with $9,052.1 million, and was 73.5% executed as of October.

The Legislative Assembly has authorized the Treasury Department to add $436.2 million to the 2022 budget. This funding is derived from securities placed on the domestic market. This will further increase the final numbers for the 2022 budget.

usual change.

Each year, the central government’s budget is revised after being approved before the government’s inauguration. Since 2011, revisions to the original budget have totaled $7,283 million.

However, the years with the biggest changes are 2014, 2020, 2021 and 2022.
The budget approved in 2014 was $4,679 million, which increased to $5,959 million at the end of the year.

In the year of the pandemic, the budget made the biggest shift from the approved $6.408 billion to $8.125 billion. The 2021 budget increased from $7.419 billion to his $8.514 billion to $1.09 billion.

However, in 2022, the budget will reach $9,052.1 million, a record 44% more than its 2011 counterpart.

by becoming?

One of the biggest changes is the $139.6 million increase in public debt payments.

Of the $9,052.1 million programmed, one-third was allocated to state employee compensation, through various types of permanent or final contracts, and 15% to the purchase of goods and services. , 28.9% directed to current transfers, with $1,715 million in current transfers to the public sector and $894.2 million in current transfers to the private sector.

Among the changes were an additional $338.4 million investment in fixed assets, $14 million for El Salvador’s National Sports Institute (Indes), $1 million from the National Administration and Water and Sewerage (Anda), reconstruction, $3.4 million was added to the mods. 2022 Acquisition of facilities, equipment and real estate within the financial branch office management.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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