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Tokyo Stock Exchange Governor Re-elected “We will comply with the resolution passed in 2021”



Ruben Melendez, TSE Justice of the Peace.

Ruben Melendez, TSE Justice of the Peace.

Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) Magistrate Rubén Melendez today vowed to comply with the resolution issued on September 3, 2021, which allows for immediate re-election of the president.

“I abide by the resolution enacted in 2021 that allows the President of the Republic to run for two consecutive terms.”
Ruben Melendez, TSE Justice of the Peace.

In a letter posted on his Twitter account, Melendez assured that the Tokyo Stock Exchange recognizes the Constitutional Council as the supreme interpreter of the Constitution, and that the court, as the supreme electoral body, will abide by resolutions issued by the Constitutional Council. “I have an obligation,” he said. Living room.

Judge Melendez defends a statement issued by TSE in 2021, stating that he will comply with its resolution, arguing that it is justified for the reasons given above. He reiterated that the agency had not violated the resolution.

Melendez joins Chief Justices of the Peace, Dora de Barajona, Noel Orellana and Guillermo Wellman, who have vowed to enforce the congressional ruling. Magistrate Julio Olivo argued that he was following the Constitution, not the House of Commons’ judgment.

In 2021, the Constitutional Council, elected on 1 May 2020, reinterpreted the concept of substitutability and determined that the immediately preceding period corresponds to the mandate of former President Salvador Sánchez Celén.President Bukele has expressed a desire to be a candidate for presidential re-election on September 15, 2022, and polls give him broad support to achieve it.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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