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$6.3 million allocated to CEPA for “previous costs” for Pacifico Airport



Design image of Pacific Airport.

Design image of Pacific Airport.

The Legislative Assembly today amended the 2022 Budget Act to incorporate $6,300,000 of its own resources to fund “priority” needs in its counterpart to the Autonomous Ports Executive Board (CEPA). Specifically, to meet pre-construction costs. Pacific International Airport.

Funding will be directed to Project 7176 “Construction of Foxtrot Taxiways at El Salvador San Oscar Arnulfo International Airport Romero and Gardames” 2022 allocation “not to be executed during the remainder of the current fiscal year 2022” It’s coming from ” Same amount. A total of $5,199,800 will be allocated for investments in fixed assets and $1,083,210 will be allocated for purchasing goods and services. The salary totals $16,990.

According to the Pacific International Airport Construction, Management, Operation and Maintenance Act, approved in April 2022, CEPA has the authority to conduct studies, plans, designs, and prepare cost budgets for the execution of work. increase. It may also acquire works, goods and services necessary for the construction, execution and operation of airports, including the acquisition of real estate necessary for construction.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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