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Government calls for retirement orders for justice and security employees



The government has submitted to the Legislative Assembly a request for a special decree on the retirement and granting of financial compensation to officials of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, the Directorate of Immigration and Aliens, and the Office of Administrative Technology (UTE). of the judiciary.

If approved, the decree will apply to workers aged 60 and under both wage laws and contracts, as well as those suffering from illnesses or disabilities that “limit their ability to work permanently.”

This proposal establishes a monthly salary for years of service or part of the hours worked, based on the last salary.

However, in the case of the Ministry of Justice, the upper limit is set according to the following salary range. Employees with salaries between $365 and $600 receive annual salaries up to $14,400. An employee with a salary of $601 to $900 will be capped at $16,200, and an employee with a salary of $901 or higher will be compensated with a cap of $18,000.

For immigration and foreign affairs, employees with salaries between $600 and $949.99 will receive up to $18,000, and those with salaries of $950 and above will be capped at $20,000.

For UTE employees, the limit is $15,000.

Compensation will need to be amended by each agency as it will be covered by budget allocations available in FY22.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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