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Opposition parties say the idea of ​​shrinking municipalities is to blame for the financial crisis



Opposition lawmakers have criticized Republican President Nayib Bukele’s idea of ​​reducing the number of municipalities in El Salvador to 50, linking it to the municipal financial crisis.

John Wright Sol of Nuestro Tiempo said: “The idea came to the fore during the great financial crisis at the municipal level. We believe this starts from the moment Fordes payments were restricted. can do.

The Municipalities Act provides that the formation, merger and incorporation of local governments in the country correspond to the legislative branch and sets out some conditions for doing so. For example, taking the most recent census and territorial development plans as a basis.

For Vice-President Claudia Ortiz, it is a “necessary debate” but one that will take place in 2023 and will have to wait until the results of the 2024 Census. It is related.

In the case of the Nationalist Republican Alliance (Arena), on the other hand, he questions whether the idea of ​​cutting local governments had an electoral purpose. It is very surprising that it will be announced in 2020, and I hope it is not a measure that only pays attention to the parameters of the ruling party and the political interests of the election.”

Source: Diario Elmundo

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