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They insist that the causes of war should not be forgotten. NI Asks to Focus on Victims



Party leaders, veterans, peace accord signatories and organizations are urging us to remember the causes that led to the armed conflict in El Salvador. They proposed to study and know the entire domestic and international political context in which the war took place “so as not to repeat the war.” And they criticized the quest to “blind” the struggles of the victims of the conflict.

On the one hand, the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN) insisted that the causes of the armed conflict in El Salvador, which ended with the signing of a peace accord in 1992, should not be forgotten.

For FMLN Assistant Secretary Kareena Sosa, the “many things” that led to the armed conflict are again present: political persecution, failure to guarantee and adhere to human rights, high cost of living, and intimidation. and abuse of power.

Meanwhile, Oscar Santamaria, who signed the peace agreement on behalf of the state of El Salvador, explained to Diario El Mundo that war in the country meant “killing each other among brothers and friends”, He showed the importance of “do not pass”. Ignore the peace treaty. The origin of the war, how it developed and how it ended is important. “

But Nuevas Ideas deputy director Jorge Castro believes the country should pay attention to the victims of armed conflict. This war,” he said. Legislators emphasized that the peace deal celebrated “those who sat down to negotiate”. Nuevas Ideas has endorsed a statement claiming that the agreement is an agreement that benefits only the signatories.

invisible agreement.

The Research Foundation for the Application of Law (Fespad) “deplored the state’s attempt to ‘instrumentize’ victims’ struggles with ‘aesthetic means’. The organization called the deal a “farce”, accusing political actors of trying to obscure or reject the meaning of the deal.

The Association of War Disabled Persons (Alges) criticized the changes to the law of the Institute for Veterans and Ex-Combatants Benefit Management (INABVE) in the framework of the commemoration of the Peace Accord. It believes that it is in violation of the agreement signed in Chapultepec, Mexico in 1992, leading to the dissolution of the Fund for Disabled Persons and Persons with Disabilities (Foprolyd) as a result of armed conflict.

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While the central government has described the signing of the peace deal as a “farce”, other groups lament that some of the causes of the conflict are now being revealed, so stay tuned for all the progress It is said that

Those who don’t read may repeat the same mistakes they made in the past, and this is a great lesson for us to have. ” Oscar Santamaria, undersigned

Many of the things that caused armed conflict have returned…political persecution, non-guarantees, observance of human rights”. Carina Sosa, FMLN Assistant Secretary

It is the victims, their relatives and all the suffering caused by this war that the state must somehow take care of. ” Congressman Jorge Castro New Ideas

Source: Diario Elmundo

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