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Nuevas Ideas seeks migration to facilitate debt payments in 262 municipalities.



The interim law applies to all municipalities in the country.

The interim law applies to all municipalities in the country.

Delegates of Nuevas Ideas have approved a temporary law to the Legislative Assembly to facilitate the payment of taxes and fees to the country’s municipalities without charging interest or fines accrued by December 2021. I asked you to

An initiative for a “special interim law that provides facilities for voluntary compliance with substantive and formal obligations on city taxes,” lawmakers say, will help taxpayers catch up and “improve revenue collection” from the mayor’s office. I am looking for

A similar initiative was approved by the Soyapango City Council on January 6 with an order outlining the economic crisis facing the country. The municipality has more than $10 million in receivables from the previous year.

Nuevas Ideas points out that “local governments need to generate income from the taxes they collect.”

Payment Plan means paying a minimum premium of 30% of the total amount paid for a period not to exceed 31 December 2023. Congress this Wednesday.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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