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Environmentalists fear the state seeks income from metal mining



Environmentalists fear the country will seek income through metal mining, given the financial crisis and debt issuance facing the government.

Environmental activist Luis Gonzalez told Diario El Mundo that the government may be trying to raise money by collecting taxes from mining companies.

Omar Serrano, UCA’s vice president for social projections, argued there were signs of a return to El Salvador after the ban on metal mining. He said he wouldn’t rule out the country “seeking funding for mining” given the financial crisis. Both agree that the Santa Marta community his leader’s arrest was due to mining problems. Gonzalez said the mine wasn’t completely closed, which could be an additional indicator of a desire to return to mining.


The Legislative Assembly approved a law banning metal mining in the country in 2017. Environmental groups are calling for a final closure of the mine.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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