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Bukele Listed as Latin America’s Most Recognized President



According to a collection of measurements conducted by Nuevas Ideas, President Nayib Bukele is listed as the most recognized president in the Latin American region.

President Bukele stands out for 88% of Costa Rica’s presidents, ahead of Rodrigo Chavez at 72%, Luis Abinadel at 69% and Xiomara Castro at 60%.

Meanwhile, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is fifth in the table with 53%, Colombian President Gustavo Petro is 52%, and Brazil’s President Inacio Lula da Silva is just below. Less than two months after being declared president of a South American country.

Following the ranking thread, President Luis Arce of Bolivia registered 44%, followed by President Lacal of Uruguay with 43%. Further down the list, Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega is his 30% and Chilean President Gabriel Boric is his 25%.

Guatemala’s President Alejandro Giammatei, Argentina’s Alberto Fernandez, Peru’s Dina Boluarte, Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro and Cuba’s Díaz Canel have smaller shares.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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