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Voting Initiative Presents Technical Proposals to TSE for Electronic Voting



TSE introduces electronic voting rights for the first time.

TSE introduces electronic voting rights for the first time.

The Voting Initiative submitted to the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) on 20 January 2023, a set of technical and transparency recommendations for the development and execution of electronic voting in the 2024 elections. company to do.

Diego Jacobo, vice president of Tracoda and member of the Voting Initiative, assured the TSE last week that it had presented “technical and transparent recommendations” to enable a comprehensive election process. The 2024 election will apply the voting method for the first time. Remote voting via the Internet and electronic face-to-face voting for El Salvadorans abroad.

Voters also released documents presented to college institutions, containing more than 15 recommendations.

The initiative allows courts to require companies contracted to run electronic voting systems to be affidavits of the electoral process to foreign governments, promising not to “permit or provide data that compromises the security of their computers.” I am proposing.

They recommend implementing voter “identity verification” mechanisms. This must be disclosed to the Election Oversight Board (JVE).

He also proposes establishing an oversight committee to observe and advise the courts.

We recommend that the Tokyo Stock Exchange request an affidavit stating that it has no relationship with a senior official.” Diego Jacobo, Member of the Voting Initiative

more transparency.

Regarding the company’s contracting process, they said the Tokyo Stock Exchange was willing to publish the offer and its technical analysis. This indicates that the

Diego Jacobo reiterated earlier recommendations regarding company experience and competence, indicating that he expects to hire companies with “at least five years of experience” and multiple runs of electronic voting systems.

Furthermore, he said that the company’s directors and employees were not associated with “high government officials, such as the President of the Republic, members of Parliament, magistrates of state institutions, or any other person who could influence its development.” to file an affidavit.” 2024 election process.


Tokyo Stock Exchange President Dora de Barajona said in November that the company was creating a manual for hiring companies based on experience and ability.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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